20 Nov 2014

How to Generate more Job Orders and Clients for Recruitment Consultant

The job of a recruitment consultant is no easy feat. You have to do your pitch, impress your clients to get your services and attract quality candidates. Everything should be done in a fast pace but top quality has to be provided. Tough, right? To help you out, think of

19 Nov 2014

Singapore Garden by the Bay Amazing Photos (Part 1)

Singapore Garden by the Bay photo collections (Part 1). Enjoy!   

19 Nov 2014

Why Email Marketing is Good for Recruitment Business

Why Email Marketing is Good for Recruitment Business For more than 20 years when I am doing recruitment in ANY sectors, email marketing always comes to my top list of tools to recruit and source for candidates because it had proven time and again that it works and works very

18 Nov 2014

Singapore Garden by the Bay Amazing Photos (Part 2)

Garden by the Bay in Singapore photo collections (Part 2). Enjoy! Singapore Garden by the Bay Amazing Photos (Part 1)

17 Nov 2014

Good Morning Quotes of the day

Good Morning Quotes compilation by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru, he is the author of Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, Recruitment Consultant Winning Formula & Job Seeker Power Manual. Coaches and mentors thousands across the globe in recruitment matters. He can be contacted at @ (65) 93880851 or email to More amazing Quotes in

16 Nov 2014

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Recruitment Consultant

As the demand for headhunters and recruitment consultants rises, more and more people are jumping into the recruitment industry. For jobseekers out there, it has become a challenge to find the right recruitment agent for you, one that will understand your need and give you the job you desire. Oftentimes,

15 Nov 2014

3 Secrets That You Ought to Know About Your Headhunter

Jobseekers turn to headhunters for help. Companies who are in need of talent turn to headhunters to fill their job vacancies. Nowadays, headhunters are the most sought after individuals in the industries. They have the connections, the skill and the huge candidate and client database that no one does. You

Multi ethnic business executives working with documents. Focus on woman
15 Nov 2014

5 Beautiful Things About Being a Headhunter in Singapore

These days, more and more people are exchanging their profession to become a headhunter. There are just so many perks in being one. You get to have a job that doesn’t entail you to be in a cubicle from nine to five. You’ll have more freedom and control over your

15 Nov 2014

Facebook for Business and Marketing : The 5 Advantages

Everyone is constantly talking about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook and if an individual seen, Facebook has stopped being the next popular trend, nevertheless the Big thing. Social media social networking specifically by way of FB went approach approved happens regarding simply hooking up friends and relatives but is currently part of

14 Nov 2014

5 Useful Tips to Kick-Start Your Recruitment Consultant Career

So you’ve decided to become a recruitment consultant. Before you go on screening your candidates and inviting your clients to hire your services, you might want to take some time to go over your strategy. How do you plan to invite your clients and candidates? How are going to present

13 Nov 2014

Why Branding is Essential for Recruitment Agencies

With more and more graduates joining the workforce, there exists a much-needed avenue where demand and supply for the right set of skills can connect. That’s where recruitment agencies enter the picture. But like any other company, these agencies have to establish their own brand. Think of your agency as

12 Nov 2014

How To Build A Capable Workforce With RPO

Companies, big or small, are mostly in the same boat when it comes to recruiting. The difference lies in experience. Where hiring good employees remains a mystery to start-up, and budding companies, it is somewhat a decoded mystery to companies that have been on boat for long enough. Lack in

12 Nov 2014

8 Great Tips to Success in Recruitment Agencies Business using Blog

With more and more recruitment agencies entering the business, companies are faced with a similar dilemma. How do you market your services and get more clients? How do you attract more potential customers especially in this digital age? One of the solution is – start blogging. Whether you’re  a startup

11 Nov 2014

What is Contingency Search for Recruitment Agencies?

In the business of recruitment industry, the common term many agencies used for their service to their client is called Contingency Search. Such contingency search is a very acceptable kind of service level render for the clients and the recruitment agencies. How Contingency Search Really Works: The client will not

recruitment consultants-success
07 Nov 2014

Recruitment Consultant Hitting the KPI – Company plays a BIG Part Too!

Well, I have always wanted to write about this topic because many recruitment consultants and headhunters ask questions about hitting the KPI. The question is from the viewpoint of the consultants, and they will certainly need to make the extra effort to hit the KPI. But I have another perspective: shouldn’t the

06 Nov 2014

5 Common Misconceptions about Recruitment Consultants

There a number of jobseekers and companies who prefer to get the services of recruitment consultants. For jobseekers, recruitment consultants provide them the opportunity to a diverse array of companies that they otherwise would not have access to. Companies prefer to shorten the recruitment process and broaden their search for

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