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Dear job seeker:

The resume/cv at the top is chosen 10x more often than the ones mid-pile. Here’s how you can vault your way up there.

Hi, my name’s Dougles Chan. I have over 20 years in various fields of business and recruitment. People called me The Recruitment Guru. (Search Google and you will know who I am).

Now I spend 100% of my time helping smart, qualified individuals win at the game recruitment industry.

On the following page I’m going to pull back the curtain, and show you:

  1. How to get that attract the HR Manager/Hiring Manager attention.
  2. A simple “win by the numbers” technique that virtually guarantees you a position — even when the economy is down.
  3. How to literally flip that interview you’ve been dreading right on its head, creating a bond with the stereotypical “tough guy interviewer” in the first three minutes.

“So what, I’ve heard it before”

This is what runs through every employer’s mind as they read 99% of resumes. I should know, as a 20+ year recruitment guru, I’ve gone through thousands upon thousands of them. They all say the same thing:

  1. Here’s who I am (“why should I care”)
  2. I went to school here and have a degree at this (“you and the last 50 applicants too. So what?”)
  3. My work experience is in this, that, and this other thing (“great, so you’ve been employed. But why are you a match for us?”)

And as a recruitment guru, I somehow have to keep my eyes open long enough to select one of these applicants.

I know you’re a job seeker, can you start to empathize with me a bit?

Technique 1: Empathize (Kinda)

If I’m the hiring manager and you care about my needs, I’m going to be pretty grateful to you. And because of my position I can reward you in a big way…. I’ll give you the job!

So here’s how to make your hiring manager very happy…

It comes down to one very simple thing: Stop talking about yourself so much. Start focusing on me!

What do I (Hiring manager) care about?

  • How does the work you’ve done directly impact my company’s bottom line?
  • How does this unique skill you’ve developed lower my supervisory hours?
  • How does that special skill you boast about lessen my team collaboration hassles?

I think you get the point…

If you just took one hour to do a line by line revision of your resume, changing everything you’ve done to include how it benefits the company, suddenly your resume will catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Why? Because if care for the hiring manager feelings, they will appreciate you. It saves their time!

Interview tactics that launch new careers

Of course the resume is only the first step in the process, the “door opener.”

If you want that dream job you’ve been looking for:

  • You and your recruiter are going to be meeting in person for a potentially pulse pounding interview….
  • Then you’ll need to negotiate a good salary package without creating a disconnect, or sounding overly greedy.

My ultimate guide, “The Job Seeker Power Manual” was designed specifically to help astute jobseekers go through every step of the hiring process.

From polishing to resumes, to negotiating the final salary package, I show you how to land a better job, faster.

What you can expect to learn from “The Job Seeker Power Manual”

The guide is broken into several chapters, each with a specific objective to help you edge closer to that dream career you’ve been seeking:

Chapter 1: Opening up your mind!

If you’re going to get the right job – a job that matches your pay expectations and gives you the kind of work you want – well then you’re going to have to change your mindset. Those good jobs go to the 1% who are able to hold back their fears and not pick up the first scraps they see, as you’ll learn in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Your resume is the best!

… After you bolt on a certain enhancement technique taught here. The name of the game with getting noticed is to use attention grabbers that stand out in a relevant way. The last thing you want to do is to stand out but be seen as a gimmick. Together we’ll walk that fine line, and help your resume stand out in a good way.

Chapter 3: What really went wrong?

You’ve sent out a gajilion resumes and not received a single call? How frustrating! How can you even begin to figure out what’s causing the problem when no one’s calling you back to provide feedback?

Well thankfully you have me and about half a dozen of my recruiter friends to tell you exactly what killed your chances (along with the thousands of others just like yours.)

Chapter 4: The magic resume

Earlier on I alluded to the fact that 99% of the jobseekers I’ve dealt with write their resumes about themselves when they should be tailoring it to me, the person making the decision! In this chapter I tap into my years in senior management to show you the exact type of language to help you flip the standard resume to a “top of pile” first choice.

Chapter 5: Making your resume interesting

There’s a final component to the “pop effect” that turns a strong resume into a superstar. It has to do with layout, setup, and even photos (for certain countries). It’s 1,000 times easier for visual creatures like ourselves to process good design cues, and we leverage this in chapter 5.

Chapter 6: The next giant step

Before you can work the plan, you need to plan the work. Armed with a superstar resume, it’s time to map the course in chapter 6 where we prepare for the next great step.

Chapter 7: The 50,000 shock!

No, I’m not telling you that you have to shock yourself with 50,000 volts to reach your career goals. But you will feel the current with this electrifying technique to guarantee a response from at least a handful of employers – even during the worst of the worst recession.

Chapter 8: The ultimate software

Sending out resumes can be a real pain. And pain points leads to bottlenecks that end up costing you lost opportunities.

In this chapter I’m going to reveal how software can help you greatly leverage your job-seeking efforts to get more results in less time.

Chapter 9: The employer’s data

Building upon the previous chapter, I outline exactly how to get employer data in a way that won’t require you to spend hours or days skimming through the Yellow Pages. No, after you see the techniques smart jobseekers using this chapter, you’ll never go with dated old-school techniques like that again.

Chapter 10: Blast off and get results today!

Now that you’ve planned the work, it’s time to work the plan. But if you thought it was just about sending resumes, you’d be mistaken. Chapter 10 will teach you a critical component of the action sequence to ensure that your resumes are reaching the right people and conveying the right message.

Chapter 11: The filtering process

What do you do when barraged by responses from several companies at once? Should you go with the big name that you’ve heard of, or take a risk with one of the smaller ones?

The filtering process is absolutely crucial to help choose the right job, one that you’ll be happy with for decades. Decisions you make here will stick with you for years, so follow the advice in this chapter very closely…

Chapter 12: The interview

Of course there’s a chapter on interviewing! Here’s the difference from all the others – I’m not going to tell you the politically correct things to do during the interview.

I’ve been in this business 20 years, dear jobseeker. I want to tell you what actually works to get your interviewer to buy into YOU and think of you as a match – no matter what!

Chapter 13: NLP in action

Some have heard of NLP as a sort of “conscious hypnosis technique.” This clever verbal patterning principle allows us to tap into other people’s minds, and guide them to a certain way of thought. As I said, I’m not going to hold anything back. I’m going to show you how to use NLP the right way – to get your interviewer to buy into your story and subconsciously connect with you.

Chapter 14: The power of rapport

Rapport is a powerful technique used by police officers and salespeople alike. Why? Because it elicits a certain response from “the other party” that lubricates the engines of friendly, open exchange. I’m going to teach you a powerful rapport building technique that interviewer can’t help but feed into — making the interview easier on them AND you.

Chapter 15: The labeling trap

Labels are powerful mental shortcuts we use to categorize people and things. Oftentimes interviewers label us, more often than not in a good way. I’m going to show you how to reverse engineer an interviewers labeling circuitry. You’ll be able to rewrite your label to a good one that matches up the persona of “the guy I want to hire.”

Chapter 16: The best about you

Looking back, recruiting manager will tell other people “I hired Johnny because he was __________. ” and leave it at that. In this chapter I’m going to teach you a quick and simple technique to use recruiter justifications to your advantage when it counts.

Chapter 17: The secret of “I”

“I” is a very special word in the English language. But to an untrained ear, this word brings with it a lot of baggage you wouldn’t expect. In this chapter I will explain how recruiters hear this simple word, and what to do about it.

Chapter 18: Eating the whole pizza

We’re in the final stretches. You think you’ve landed a dream job, but like everything else in reality, some cracks start to emerge in the picture. I’m going to teach you all too common differences between expectations and reality that jobseekers face. I’ll also talk about when to tough it out, and when you may actually want to jump ship after all.

Chapter 19: The next happy lap

Life in a new career has a way of creeping its way into the deepest parts of our personality. Our job defines us, our routine becomes so automatic we don’t even think about the daily commute anymore. In this chapter I’ll help you snap out of the zone for just a moment to see if you are truly fulfilled. And if not, I’ll show you how to fire up the jobseeking engines again, without even having to quit the work you already have.

Chapter 20: The final lap

If you thought this chapter was just a handshake and goodbye, well you’re in for a pleasant surprise. I offer a final nugget of solid gold before we depart.

I think it’s pretty clear by this point you’re getting an A-Z system for finding a great career. But I’m not just doing a favor for you…

Buy it here!

I’m saving both of us time and money

After years of questions from job seeker friends, students, and other younger recruiters I personally trained, I started to realize that answering questions was becoming a full-time job for me.

I guess I was building a reputation as “the guy to turn to for help landing a great job in just a few days.”

So I wrote an early draft of the “The Job Seeker Power Manual.” Frankly it wasn’t even called that, it didn’t have a title. Just a few piece of notes with the core of what I had to say.

The notes actually increased questions from my circle! Next thing I know, I kept adding and adding to answer all these new inquiries.

The final result is what you’re getting, the full guide which teaches everything and leaves no stone unturned.

One Customer Recounts Her Experience

“I have to say I’m very grateful for the opportunity Dougles Chan has assisted me in, bringing my career to the next level and achieving greater exposure in the industry. His personalize service and attitude is always positive, friendly and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend him to any job seekers!”

Kylie Yang, Singapore

Get my guide for less than 2-3 hour’s worth of salary

For most good career fields, $27 for 2-3 hours or more is very realistic. And that’s the price you pay for this book – just $27. (If fact, I used to give them for free, but I find that people who get it free do not really read it, it become another PDF keep in their computer, which I do not want that to happen.)

Think about how much money you’re going to get by shaving just a single week off of your job hunt. $1,000, perhaps? Even more?

It pays to get educated from a 20 year recruitment guru who now coaches recruitment industry people for a living on how to get the very best jobs in their recruitment career and business. (My consultation fee is $500 per hour, seriously, the $27 means nothing but I want to ensure you give the commitment and read every page of what I have written…cover by cover, if you don’t like it, just ask for a refund.)

So make the smart choice, and pick up a copy of “The Job Seeker Power Manual” today:

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2a5da90Several people have felt like me that your interview section and mirror (NLP), and the ‘I’ section to be most helpful. Thanks again for the great document!

Adam L.Neely, USA  

It provides a good clear direction approach to business correspondence to get the specific job.  It gives the individual a modernize approach in writing for the job.

Henry Poon, General Manager (Sales + Marketing) Logwin Air + Ocean Singapore Pte. Ltd

Bold, blunt, direct, down-to-earth, different from hundreds of other job seeking guides which are just sitting on the National Library Board bookshelf. It speaks truly to the hearts of the job applicants from the minds of the recruiters – a MUST READ for everyone.
Kenny –

This is a fantastic manual on creation of resume and other related issues with job hunt.

Arvind Khare Mumbai, India Group CEO, Killer Jeans  

Highly pragmatic guide on how you can help yourself to snag the career of your dreams. By reading this manual, you will ultimately be able to grasp the concept of making yourself not just employable, and in doing so, land yourself in the career that you’ve always desired to be in. Just remember to drop Dougles a note of appreciation when you get that job you so badly wanted. Cheers!

Pauline Lee, Marketing and Brand Manager, Singapore

You’ll get a job before my 90 Days guarantee period ends – or your money back

I guarantee that you’ll find success with my guide in just 2 to 4 weeks. And yet my guarantee period is a full 90 days. Guess what that means: if you don’t get a job, you don’t pay anything.

I have so few refunds of this manual that I intentionally built a very liberal margin for customers to call me if they don’t see results. My customers love this generous guarantee, and even more they love not having to use it 🙂

A final note from the author

Finding a job is not about searching for as many hours as there are in the day.

It’s about reverse engineering what recruiters want, and using modern-day tools to deliver a message tailored to their interests. By doing that, you can’t help but get a dozen interview requests or more, and carefully select a position that you’ll enjoy for the long-term.

I wish you the very best career that you deserve,

Dougles Chan,

20 Year as The Recruitment Guru and author of 4 books.

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(The manual will be in PDF digital format,email to you within the same day.)

The manual is fun and interesting and I had enjoyed reading it and I give a two thumbs up. The manual is ideal for those with or without a job or also for those who is looking for a career change in their life. You must read it as it is very fruitful and easy to understand.

Nur Izuana Hussein,Singapore

I’ve gone through your manual twice and my comment is it’s really heartening to know there are people like you who really care and bother to publish a manual for job seekers be it graduate or non- graduate, working class people, professionals, etc.

Your manual really comes in handy for people to review their resumes, intro letter & reflect upon themselves on how they could improve and convince the employer to get the job they dream of.
Cathie Tan Admin/Office Manager, Singapore

My overall view for this manual is great as it have sufficient knowledge to let a job seeker to know the actual way to get a job within a week. It is possible if you follow closely with the manual. Well, brain plays a part in finding a job too. Overall conclusion, Well done for the writer as what the manual says is really realistic.
Lim Jia Ping, Singapore

This manual has made me realized how my resume can make a difference in the eyes of the employer. Fresh graduates and those who wish to make a different in an interview should definitely read this manual! I particularly love the chapter on the magic of rapport. Not only is it beneficial during an interview, I can also use in my personal life. Overall, its a manual worth reading to increase our chances of employment and challenge ourselves to strive for the best
Madeleine Liew, Singapore

Received your manual with thanks. Now I realized how bad my resume was. Will make effort to change it according to your manual.
Siti.K.K, Singapore

Thank you very much for opening my mind regarding those intuitive fact. After 1 day of reading, I had a call for a job offer already from an MNC Company as an Engineer. I followed what was on the manual…. Great things happened. I just went home back in the Philippines while waiting for the medical results. I will spend some time for my family because it was a 2 year contract thanks…
Dale, Philippines

Thank you for the BEST Manuel. It gave me a clear idea how to compose a CV.

Juweriya, Singapore

I had read thru yesterday evening . Think it is well done and as a job seeker, it is really and truly enriching to read what you had compiled. I would say I gave it a 9 out of 10 as it really provide info for the job seekers and it really benefit me as well.

Fiona Soong, Singapore

It reminded me to put a good photo on my resume!  And to emphasize the resume from an interviewer’s point of view.  Thank you Dougles.

Teck Liong, Singapore

Felt it looks good. Short enough to be digestible. Passion and sincerity flowing through every word.

Andrew Crombie, Managing Director at H&T Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

It is possible that what exactly Dougles points out to us in this manual. “You have the ability to paint your life with the choices you choose. Paint that picture beautiful and live it beautiful, it’s all in your hands.”

Mary Samy, Singapore

The manual provide interesting real life coverage on job seekers. I would say realistic techniques. I believe with proper understanding and training, I would ease up a lot on interviews.

I definitely would recommend this manual to my friends. Interesting learning process. The best topic is “NLP in action”. It would really be nice if one is really an expert at reading body language cause I believe it will help a lot during an interview as it will be easier to build a rapport since we are at the same level of communication.

Thumbs up. Good for the active job seekers including myself.

Nordina Sahlan, Singapore

Dear Dougles

I read through your manual. It has been of great help. I redid my resume from 6 pages to 3 pages and redrafted cover letter, hoping that it will land me a  good job. Thanks for your manual. May the light be with you in helping people get what they want in life.

Aaron Quek, CPA,MBA,ACCA, Malaysia Penang

I thank you for your tremendous efforts in writing this very informative jobseeker manual. This manual is my guide in editing my husband resume. I recommended this manual for him to read and apply all the things discussed and now he is very busy attending interviews.

Keith B Liston, Philippines, Cebu City 

This manual would definitely help me from head to toe. On how to speak, what to say and what not to say. How I would not betray myself with my face. As all the interviews are not comfortable, there are many approaches that can be taken to conquer this goliath.

I would definitely recommend this manual to my friends as it is a good manual that I feel all should read! This is the sort of manual that will bring value to the person’s job so much more value than what he is paying for! I liked the section about ” The problem is with me!” Many a times, candidates always think that the employers are wrong. But the true fact is that, it is always showmanship that does not impress the employers but it is the true-self.

This manual has tremendously covered every aspect of a person from jobless to impressing the employer. It is very bite size and easy to understand. It is catered for anyone, from the least educated to those having a PhD. And those with wrong perception, even employers, would not know what to look in a candidate, this manual will definitely guide them. Its a dynamic push for those who are looking for jobs and I would feel its definitely a hot-seller!

Ivan Ong, Singapore

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