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On Job Seeker Power Manual

This manual would definitely help me from head to toe. On how to speak, what to say and what not to say. How I would not betray myself with my face. As all the interviews are not comfortable, there are many approaches that can be taken to conquer this goliath.

I would definitely recommend this manual to my friends as it is a good manual that I feel all should read! This is the sort of manual that will bring value to the person’s job so much more value than what he is paying for! I liked the section about ” The problem is with me!” Many a times, candidates always think that the employers are wrong. But the true fact is that, it is always showmanship that does not impress the employers but it is the true-self.

This manual has tremendously covered every aspect of a person from jobless to impressing the employer. It is very bite size and easy to understand. It is catered for anyone, from the least educated to those having a PhD. And those with wrong perception, even employers, would not know what to look in a candidate, this manual will definitely guide them. Its a dynamic push for those who are looking for jobs and I would feel its definitely a hot-seller! More details…..

Ivan Ong


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