Dougles Chan
With over 20 years of business, marketing and recruitment experience, runs and managed various different recruitment and manpower businesses in Singapore previously. With in-depth extensive experience in business operations, marketing and branding. job board marketing, sales and marketing, viral marketing, SEO, SEM and many more.

Currently, Dougles helps companies and agencies in various sizes to build a strong brand & web presence via digital marketing, especially focus on SEO. His clients are some of the fastest growing companies locally and globally and he has helped them gain significant market shares.

Working with award winning agencies and with clients from over 15 countries in various sizes, including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America (USA), Canada, Spain, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Ireland, South Africa, Vietnam, India, and others.

Dougles Chan is labelled as the “Zhuge Liang” of the recruitment industry & “The Recruitment Guru”, “Digital Marketing Guru” and “SEO Guru”.

Profile Summary

Previously CEO, Managing Director and Director of 20 companies in Singapore and Malaysia

Labeled as the “Zhuge Liang” of recruitment agencies and also known as, “The Recruitment Guru.”

Creator of C-Marketing, V-Marketing, T-Marketing, Spike Marketing

Guru level in recruitment, marketing, branding, strategic positioning, social media, digital marketing, viral marketing,etc

Achieved over 1 millions unique visitors at www.dougleschan.com

Got over 3,000 top notched keywords listed number 1 in Google.com (International) and locally.

Successfully re-branded a local company from 1 brand to 4 different household brands within 2 years.

Marketed over 15 viral videos with millions of views in each videos

Acquired one of the top notch awarded winning agency in Singapore as exclusive client

20 years experience in Email Marketing

15 years experience in Search Engine Marketing, pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimization

Creator of C-Marketing, V-Marketing, T-Marketing formula

Also an author of 5 books.