China’s view of Donald Trump – BBC News

BBC China editor Carrie Gracie went on the streets of Beijing to find out what people think about Donald Trump.

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27 thoughts on “China’s view of Donald Trump – BBC News”

  1. China people just find Trump entertaining.. if one day, Trump gets to talk in front of China, people will be smiling and laughing, and the more he curse and yell at the chinese, they are still laughing.. in their eyes, Trump is like a stand up comedian…

  2. It's kind of shocking that Chinese hold such a positive view of Trump. It shows the in China they simply respect power and wealth over all other principles. Obviously they don't value free speech or civil rights, and neither does Trump. But perhaps they haven't heard the many speeches in which Trump endlessly scapegoated China and promised high tariffs on imports and punishments for US companies relocating to China. The concept that Trump will have better relations with China is ludicrous from an economic standpoint…but oddly possible from a socio-political standpoint because Trump neither wants to continue to defend japan, and he could not care less about China's grotesque human rights violations; nor certainly their relentless rape of the environment.

  3. I am sick of Chinese nonsense here, more than 80% of Chinese products are imitations. The whole mainland Chinese has been doing for the last 50 years are stealing other countries' products and just made them exactly. Every country around the world has at least 10% to 25% Chinese imitations. They have even made fake medicines with EU and USA labels selling in Asia countries. These illegal drugs have killed too many people because you don't know what you have been treating. China, The second largest country has been building on stealing other countries' ideas and ideals = imitating. Name me a tech product came from original Chinese without stealing other country ideas and ideals. Now mainland Chinese has tried to steal South Asia sea, this is unacceptable. There is one way to stop Chinese imitations and stealing is to put sanctions on China like Russia. I promise you mainland Chinese economy will be destroyed no time.

  4. Minus the whole 'blame china' rhetoric chinese people would love trump.

    Ideologically both the chinese government and trump are pragmatists who don't like lecturing others on how to do things. Both believe in national soverignty and both value civil order and hierarchy.

    Liberals are the ideological enemy of china.

    That being said. The cynical view of this from a chinese perspective would be, since trump is so controversial and inexperienced in politics, he will basically end up completely stumped by his own party who have been trying to backstab him throughout the entire election.

    For china, an ineffective american president allows china to be much more assertive on the global stage.

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