Inside Yemen: Saudi air strikes and Britain’s role – BBC News

As Britain’s relationship with Saudi Arabia comes under scrutiny, the BBC’s Fergal Keane hears human accounts of Saudi air strikes in Yemen.

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31 thoughts on “Inside Yemen: Saudi air strikes and Britain’s role – BBC News”

  1. I'm ashamed of our support , I'm ashamed of the royal family of uk , then I always have been..  world leaders are ethnically cleansing like hitler did……….. 1 ww2 ww3 ? na its all apart of the same, today is because of yesterday , keep going back till you get to about 3000 bc, been the war between the holy and the material since then……

  2. for US & UK, "human right" is a weapon, when they can't defeat their enemies by force, they will use this "moral weapon" to undermine the reputation of their enemies: Russia, China, Iran… and any other countries they can't invade.

  3. £3 billion a year in weapons deals to corrupt 'Dictator's and regimes' akin to the kind we destroyed the middle east and millions of lives over,Only those Dictator's went against the Grain..That's why they got destroyed..How is Fake Britain any better…

  4. The sad truth is that the vast majority of the british public couldn't give a HOOT. All that concerns them is strictly come dancing, X factor and whether the neighbour has a better car or house than they do.
    One thing i noticed about these recent clips from Yemen following Boris Johnson's statement, is how the bbc is pushing the idea that Proxy Armies are Iranian, no doubt some of them are; but let's have some non biased reporting please bbc, tell all the brain dead viewers who ISIS, Ahrar al-Sham. Abu Amara Brigades, Jaysh al-Islam, Sham Legion, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki. Liwa Ahrar Souriya, Ansar al-Sham, Jabhat Ansar al-Islam, Jaysh al-Sunna or Ashida'a Mujahideen Brigade are the Proxy Armies of, come on, come on.

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