Sir Tim Barrow named as UK’s new ambassador to EU – BBC News

Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow will be appointed the UK’s new ambassador to EU to replace Sir Ivan Rogers. Foreign Office sources confirmed the appointment of the former ambassador to Moscow, who will now play a key role in the UK’s Brexit negotiations.
Sir Ivan’s exit, which came earlier than planned, sparked a row with his resignation note criticising “muddled thinking” from ministers.
Some MPs had accused him of being “half-hearted” towards Brexit.

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13 thoughts on “Sir Tim Barrow named as UK’s new ambassador to EU – BBC News”

  1. Geez…just present the damned NEWS, will you?
    I'm sick of hearing most of the video taken up with your OPINION!!
    (That's not what I'm forced to pay for…and it's not in your charter)
    Get behind Brexit or sod off…really!

    "B"BC…not "EU"BC.

  2. Ivan Rogers was in charge of Cameron's so called renegotiation with the EU. We all know how that ended up. Cameron asked for bugger all and came back with even less then had the gall to try and tell us that it was a victory and a great result for the UK.

  3. the wine of democracy tastes excellent with a touch of communism and sprinkling of socialism, great music and the right guests…….awesome party. oh don't forget the warm and freshly baked promises from your favorite politician…just marvelous entertainment…while the common people fight for crumbs and power.

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