10 thoughts on “Body Language: Channel intro”

  1. I am grateful to have found you and your channel. I have a huge interest in learning body language and I was grateful to have found you. Your work is amazing, my first video was creepy Joe and by golly he is super creepy!!!
    Please keep up the fantastic work!!!!

  2. Absolutely love this channel, many things to learn from you! What did you study in college, and if you don't mind me asking; Where did you go to school?

    I just read your "about" page, thank you for including your educational background. I have seen so many youtuber's who try to be credible lecturers but don't even mention what they specialized in at university.

  3. checking you out checking them out…. well I've watched pretty much every video you have and I'm thirsty for more. you should do the speech of Hillary one week after she lost. she looks like death.

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