Body Language: FBI Comey”s best tells 1:2

***Strictly my Opinion***This is the second video on Comey body language. I am breaking it down to different questioners. Some of the Questioners got a lot of information out of him and some did not. But the ones I picked all got something out of him.

Rep. Farenthold starts at 3:11:00
Rep. Gowdy starts at 2:34:00




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34 thoughts on “Body Language: FBI Comey”s best tells 1:2”

  1. I am loving your videos! Watching from Switzerland. I have a question: What are your thoughts on people who smile a lot, even in serious situations? My child's teacher does this a lot, and I have an instinctive dislike for this person. Am I wrong??

  2. Bombard's Body Language, speaking for myself, I've been studying both behavioral psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP for nearly 20 years, and you are the real deal, spot on, love it. You are Consistently spot on!

  3. Perhaps this has already been pointed out but the FBI doesn't prosecute, the DOJ does. And it's very interesting that Comey refreshed the memory of the email scandal a week and a half before the election. If you're right, and I think you are, that Comey knows that they have the information necessary for prosecution and have not prosecuted it looks like an indictment of the DOJ.

  4. It's like Comey didn't "lie", he just never revealed the truth so that the right questions could be asked, so therefore he wouldn't or couldn't reveal the corruption of Hillary without revealing the corruption within the government.

  5. Please take the time to balance the audio levels on your video, it is impossible to listen for very long when half your video is real loud and the other half is too low to hear. You can just balance it when you make your video, look around for the adjustment, it's there. Make the audio the same volume output at all times.

  6. The problem is that law says intent doesn't matter! There's a young soldier sitting in prison for taking a classified picture he was going to send his mom, and then thought better of it AND DID NOT SEND, but left it on his phone and forgot to delete it.I believe it was said it was Title 18. I watched this whole thing waiting for someone to actually read that law and bring it up to Comey, but no one ever did. I call BS, and I think he's just a good liar. He KNEW he was going to get called on this and he's just as "practiced" as Hillary was.The only reason he can't, because all are doing it? wow is because he doesn't want to pull in Obama and all the rest of them that are doing it. So, he's covering it up and saying "Nothing to see here, Move along".. I have NO sympathy for this guy… it makes him as crooked as the rest of them. Throw him in jail for obstructing justice.

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  8. I feel sorry for Comey. He is not a bad guy and yet he has somehow gotten himself into a very dangerous and bad position; and he knows it. It goes against his nature to lie and yet lying is what he is now doing. What do they have on this man?

  9. Wow, Your last sentence
    Vary impressive .They all do it.
    Anyone for Pizza?
    Sure dropped a load on what's happening with today's news about the perverted that run amuk in government.
    I see Mr. Comey ass a man good man afraid.

  10. Thanks again. I'd love you, if you would, to analyse Trey Gowdy himself. He seems such a man of common sense, integrity & mission. He has said he's happy where he is & I believe him, but what does his body language tell you? Anything we should know?

  11. I love this channel, I subscribed. Really fascinating and interesting. I thank you and look forward to more videos. I think an interesting subject for a future video would be Alex Jones. He is on youtube. I have always wondered if he is an entertainer or if he actually believes the things he says.

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