Body Language Tips For Men (Part 1) – Using Your Head To Create Attraction With Women

You’ve learned how to use your body language and your head to create attraction. Now learn how to meet women to try it out in practice:

Body language is a key area where men either lose out with women or make things easy for themselves. Often completely unconscious it can seriously ruin many men’s attempts to attract women because their body language simply gives them away. They show signs of nervousness or neediness and even though they may have learned what they should do and say, their body language will give away their underlying lack of belief in themselves.

The other thing is habitual body language habits that men can’t break out of. So if they meet an attractive woman they may slip into body language habits that come from tension, they may start to fiddle, they may experience tension in the neck and in their stomach area and they might therefore tilt their head back like you see many guys do in pictures. So learning about your own body language habits and how they can be improved so that you become attractive to girls is key. Male body language is talked about a lot and many myths exist. To communicate effectively with body language is often more about stopping unconscious habits rather than putting something new on top. But attractive body language can be learned. And in this first of three videos on body language by Stephan Erdman he explains how to use your head and its position to have the desired impact on a girl and amplify how you want to make her feel when you talk to her.

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  1. He blinks a lot. It's important because it's a signal of lying. Though he could be still telling the truth, and may have a tick instead. Maybe it's because it's hard for him to look at the camera. Maybe he does it because his eyes dry faster then most people.

  2. so complicated to remember all these things when just talking with women surely its supposed to come naturally so why have we forgotten? Also women sleep with so many uys because theyre always getting hit on and its easy for them to hook up. This puts me off talking with the really attractive ones.

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