Why Do Killers Speak Out? My Body Language Analysis. The Behavioural Psychology of a Criminal. CJB

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27 thoughts on “Why Do Killers Speak Out? My Body Language Analysis. The Behavioural Psychology of a Criminal. CJB”

  1. peterson, no expert required, same as smith
    when i first seen smith, i called my 12 year old in…i said, after the commercial you;ll see a woman talking, see if you think she;s lying about what shes saying….she watched, she said, she cant be telling the truth, it just doesnt look like the truth
    if your going to play god, and hope to get away with it, at least consider human emotions
    thank god they all believe themselves to be smarter then everyone to do that !

  2. in my family when we're upset we get stone faced – not a grimace, not a twitch, not a tear.  the more we hurt the less we show it.  so i would say this method isn't successful for everyone.

    who i've never understood are women who smile when they're angry [i suspect that's social conditioning], and witnesses  who have big grins as they describe to news cameras the horrific sights they just saw.  once my ten year old neighbor rushed up me to as i came home from work and gleefully informed me that my cat had been run over and 'was all mashed and bleedy.'  i knew it wasn't my cat because i never left him out when i wasn't home and he was terrified of anything with wheels, but thinking about her grinning face still gives me creeps.  why would anyone feel anything but sadness?


  3. Re: the Mark Hacking one – he keeps looking to his bottom right as he recalls his story, is that significant?   does it suggest he's having to invent something or is trying to accurately recall his invented story?

  4. Interesting! Thnx for posting! 
    At 2:12, would you agree he expressed contempt (his right corner of mouth, behind his self-adapter hand)?
    Only time I questioned you was at 4:58, b/c I thought he used past tense to emphasize that the affair was in the past; he used consistent tense to describe its timing with the disappearance.

  5. Watching his lack of emotion, it's pretty self explanatory that he's guilty. A caring husband and father would have been a genuine wreck…a complete mess. He would have been crying and barely keeping it together. Scott shows no emotion and comes off as cold and careless.

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