11 Jul 2015

How to Create Unlimited PASSION for Your Job.

Imagine that you are a candidate looking for a job, and the recruitment consultant who is assisting you to source for a job looks “DEAD” and talks like a “ZOMBIE.” Would you feel great or feel excited about the offering given by the recruitment consultant? Unlikely, isn’t it? Do you t
07 May 2015

5 Common Misconceptions about Recruitment Consultants

There a number of jobseekers and companies who prefer to get the services of recruitment consultants. For jobseekers, recruitment consultants provide them the opportunity to a diverse array of companies that they otherwise would not have access to. Companies prefer to shorten the recruitment process
05 Mar 2015

How to Choose a Headhunting Company

If you are looking to join a headhunting company, perhaps you can look at some of the things you need to pay attention to before accepting the offer. The Brand of the Company – Obviously, the situation is that when you join a branded headhunting company, you will have a much easier life in terms
10 Apr 2013

9 of the Best Headhunter in Singapore

Last update : 14th Jan 2017 Hi, thank you for coming to my website, my name is Dougles Chan and people called me The Recruitment Guru and I teach and coach people to be successful in recruitment business. Are you looking for the best headhunter in Singapore or the top recruitment agen
20 Mar 2013

How to Check if the Recruitment Agency or Consultant is Licensed to do Your Recruitment Needs

Under the Singapore law by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), to operate a recruitment agency or head-hunting business within Singapore, regardless of whether the clients or candidates are located in Singapore, if you were to operate in Singapore itself, the business entity needs to be an approved by
28 Dec 2012

Why Do You Want to Become a Headhunter.??

Last week, I had a coffee with a headhunter, and he wanted me to show him how to become a better headhunter, as he believed that my techniques and strategies would be able to help him to achieve even more than what he is earning right now. During the conversation, it was a pleasant surprise to learn