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9 months ago
Decent electronics store, nothing more, nothing less. Product selection is up-to-date and prices are OK. Staff are friendly.

10 months ago
The staff here are very helpful and knowledgeable.


YS Lam

a month ago

Bought a HP laptop from them in December 2015, speaker got problem so intent to Send for warranty. The HP contact and location given by their service counter is totally wrong. The place already shifted couple of months ago but Challenger never update. The worst is HP told me that my laptop warranty.was end in July 2016??!!! I called Challenger to clarify later their person in charge called me to say that warranty is until December 2016, no problem to send to HP. End up when I sent to HP still the same, HP counter still said it’s July 2016. Call Challenger again and they say will revert by 1/2 hrs, but wait 1/2 hrs still not receive their call plus still wait the HP center like a stupid. Well done Challenger by treat your customer in that way!

2 months ago
Worst ever worst people’s at the checkout. Shop can replace their employees at their checkout where they are the real stupid , lazy people to help their customers. They are “die hard not to help customer”. Better they can place self-checkout machines instead of those guys. so you can save some money.
Helpers inside the shop are good techies but due to stupid guys at checkout i just exit the shop without purchasing.

4 weeks ago

Worst electronical store that I’ve ever visited. Bought twice an ethernet adapter which broke down both within a month….


Ronald Tan to Challenger Singapore

It’s ridiculous that a Challenger Singapore store is not able to assist in a product that I’m interested. I’m told to buy the product first before I can inspect. If there is a reason that I’m not happy about, I can refund but subjected to the management approval. I wont even use the electronic components, I only wan to find out it fit me properly. #casetrust #fail#singapore


Hi I visited your store at Compass One today and the staff were incredibly unhelpful. Firstly not only does the store not stock screen protectors and keyboard covers, they were unable to advise me on which outlets did have the stock. I am incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied with the level of (un)service I received. You’re supposed to be a leading technological retailer and you’ve fulfilled 0/0 of my needs. Thanks for nothing.



I received an OEM Win10 installation package gift but as i no longer need it, i brought it down unopened and sealed to the same Waterway pt store to get it exchanged. Your website states software which is not opened are eligible to exchange yet the store staff behaved like i got some disease when i mentioned software to exchange. I showed the staff your website exchange policy but apparently they worship the sign hung on the wall saying no exchange for software more than your own website. I will appreciate if somebody can assist.



Cy Aaronic to Challenger Singapore

My girlfriend and I have bought an Asus notebook from Challenger at CEF roadshow on 19.11.16. On the same night, the notebook was faulty upon start-up.

On 20.11.16, we went down to Asus service centre in the afternoon to troubleshoot the issue, and we were encouraged to do an exchange with Challenger at the roadshow, which we agreed.

After confirmation that we were able to do an exchange with the CSO from the Challenger hotline, we headed down to the roadshow and spoke to the Asus Manager. He told us that he was able to do the exchange for us, provided we brought along everything that we have received (which we did, except the box), and subject to availability. We told him we were able to bring back the box in half an hours time, and told him to reserve a set for us for exchange, but was told he could not reserve for us and also, to guarantee the availability by then.

We brought back the box half an hour later and was told there were 2 sets left but was reserved by customer’s paying cash later on – how is a new purchase offered for reserve, but not an exchange? Not wanting to pursue further with this manager as he is obviously lying, he told us to go to the nearest challenger for exchange and brushed us off.

Called in again and spoke to another CSO – Lily, and was told we could only go Serangoon Nex outlet (as per receipt outlet) for the exchange. Once again, no stocks available, she said. Really furious at the moment, and wanting to get the notebook replaced urgently for use, I requested for exchange at JEM outlet, but was told to wait for call-back from JEM.

20mins later, lady manager at JEM called back to offer the exchange. Really pleased with lady manager for her efficiency, professionalism and great service standards. It was a really awful & terrible experience with Challenger but thank you to the lady manager at JEM for the service recovery.



I bought a Marshall Woburn speaker from your online store, it was delivered today and it was faulty right out of the box. It doesn’t even power on. Your customer hotline is not even functioning for me to call in, it cuts me off waiting.


I’ve had great service from Challenger over the years but I am so disappointed to find out that the Epson ink series T792 for the WF5111 printer that I bought from Challenger is out of stock in ALL Singapore shops. And apparently it’s not even possible for Challenger to call me when stock eventually arrives in the country. Sad about this level of customer care.



I want to thank your Sales Executive Mr Hugo Wong and staff of Challenger West Mall #01-08 for being very helpful n excellent to restore my hp contact list and phone icon. Good job, big thank.



Your guys at IMM like uninterested to work. All taiji each other. They have no product knowledge also. Should give them an award for taiji at each other. Very disappointed.



I’ve recently got my membership renewed and staff is already harassing me to renew my membership which expires end of 2018.


Bravo for the good service at amk hub challenger. Thanks to jonathon kong for his good service and i managed to get a good portable sound speaker.


Hi – it’s been close to 3 months now and I still haven’t heard back from you on the replacement unit for my Fitbit Charge HR Blue, Large. What’s the delay about?? Challenger Singapore, if they can’t provide the service in a timely manner, perhaps you should consider reviewing them or switch to a diff claims provider. 3 months is rather unacceptable, don’t you think so?


I had a very bad experience with Challenger (jurong point outlet) especially the attitude towards the customer. My laptop needs repair as the back cover near hinge area is broken. They couldn’t find my receipt in their database so I had to wait for about 20 mins (usually it was kept in the database). Side track from the main problem, I had changed the laptop 1 for 1 on the day I bought as the first one had manufacturing defects. The sale person didn’t update it in the database.

Now, I have another problem which is the mismatch of the serial number on the receipt and the warranty card. The sale person who served me was no longer working in there. So I needed to wait again as the star shield staff was getting letter of proof from the manager. After everything was settle, he issued me a paper which I needed to show to the cashier for deposit. When the time came to pay deposit for the repair, there was another problem again. The cashier couldn’t find the reference number on the paper in their database so I couldn’t make payment! I needed to wait again! Another Challenger staff (looks like senior staff or manager) was solving the problem.

After for a while, he issued another paper which I was able to used it to make payment. After I made payment, I asked the cashier whether my payment was successfully recorded in the database or not. I just asked to make sure everything was right as I have gone through so much troubles. The cashier said “you have the receipt, right?”. What is the attitude? I just wanna make sure everything goes smooth when I collect my laptop. Do you think that I will believe everything will go smoothly when I collect my laptop?

Yes, I have the receipt for my warranty and I still had to go through so many problems as their process is inefficient.

The worst part is that no apologies from the challenger staffs for their mistakes at all! I would say that Challenger doesn’t value their customers.

I will not buy anything from the Challenger again. Yes, you have lost the trust of a customer.


Hi Challenger, i went to ur store at bedok point this evening thinking to try out the new xiaomi 3s hp. When i reach thr, the hp was locked (as too many pp try to enter a wrong password) & had to wait for 30mins before i can test the hp. Ok fine, i waited for 30mins as i m really interested to buy the hp. When the time is finally up, the sales person was bz attending to another customer as such he gave me the password, but to my horror the pw was wrong and set the lock system to 120mins again!!!

I wasted 30mins at the shop & yet unable to try the hp at all. Therefore unable to make any purchase. This is so ridiculous.

I do not understand y do u guys want to set a password for a demo hp and customers is unable to test the hp before purchasing.

 feeling annoyed.


Hi, I bought this card reader at Challenger IMM. To my horror, when I opened the USB port cover, the USB port was completely rusted and unusable. Pls see the pic. Thanks.


I would like to compliment ur staff – Mr Jonathan (AMK Hub) for his patience & great advice to me from mobile accessories to Computer accessories. He serves customer with passion & sincerity and is definitely a gem to ur organization. Well done Jonathan 👍🏻


To whom it may concern,

On the 23rd of October 2016, at around 5pm or so, I made a purchase for a screen protector under the membership id of my father (you may contact me for the membership ID and verification). After my purchase, I requested for the screen protector to be applied by a staff member.

However, there was no consideration of handling my iPhone 7+ well, despite knowing well that it was a jet black iPhone, which was prone to scratches. This staff member noticed that the screen protector that was being applied had a defect, so he replaced it twice. However, my newly bought phone of 2 days was mishandled during its application of the screen protector and placed on a surface that allowed the back of it to be scratched noticeably.

Upon noticing these scratches, I brought it to attention of the staff member, who then later brought it up to another staff member who claimed to be the manager of the outlet. He then told me that there was nothing he could do about it and then allowed me to have another screen protector as compensation. I had no choice but to accept this compensation.

However, I’d like to believe that I’m under compensated. I find it appalling that Challenger, being a household brand in Singapore, does not have the basic understanding of how to handle a phone, especially one that is actually being sold right in your very store.

The retail price of a 256GB iPhone 7+ is S$1,588, and I’m being compensated with a screen protector with the value of $55. Do you honestly feel that this is fair for me? The iPhone 7+ is now scratched and can no longer be sold at a high resale value, its price has depreciated. And this is not my own doing, but by your staff member who mishandled by phone. May I also add on that I only had this phone for 2 days?

I was also told that this is a common occurrence amongst many customers and scratches are bound to happen during the application of the screen protector.

I find it extremely absurd that Challenger condones such mishandling and allows this to be a common practice. Is this how a household brand such as Challenger should be?

I would like to seek proper compensation and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


Hi again. I ordered via your online portal – Hachi, on 13 Oct. The email invoice stated up to 5 business days for delivery. Today marks the sixth business day and I haven’t received my items.

This morning, I receive an email, thanking me for my purchase and solicited for feedback, such as how to improve the delivery service.

1. How about delivering the items first, before the thank you and asking for feedback.

2. Why not just state that delivery will take 6 business days. Colleague of mine left the country yesterday hoping to bring along the purchased device – as it was supposed to take up to 5 business days for delivery.

I’m done with Hachi.


Staff sold me the wrong item and tell me I can’t exchange.

Here is the story:-

I bought a selfies camera and it didn’t include memory for my camera. Therefore, I need to buy a memory for it. The staff introduce me their available memory card for my selfies camera

After I paid for the item, the staff help me open the memory card and install for me. However, the camera can’t detect the memory cards. He ask go home and check the setting first.

After I check and read the product introduction, it state this camera can only support mix 32G memory only!!!!

I don’t blame the guy who help open and check the setting, he is very helpful, but when I call to the outlet tell the staff about is situation. He said, if you opened the packing you can’t exchange! Push the responsibility far far away. They never read through the product introduction, before they sales me the item. The guy told me that, I’m the one buy the item and I should check properly before I buy not them.

If everything I need to check by myself, I rather purchase it online and deliver to my house.

I would never buy anything from Challenger again.



Very disappointed and worried being Challenger ValueClub Member. I emailed to your support email on 29/9/2016 regarding the very unsecured member site you have. First of all, the website was without HTTPS, and secondly the username & password are displayed in CLEAR in the URL upon clicking the Log In button. I think you have just put in place the HTTPS but the username & password are still displayed in CLEAR using GET method sent to your website. Wonder how Challenger protects customers data safely and securely without such basic website security in place.





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  1. Raj Verma
    February 18, 2017 at 8:39 am — Reply

    Had horrible experience today with Challanger at Sun Plaza Singapore. Baught $220 worth of GSP. When asked the sales person to turn it on I want to see the features. He says can not turn it on? Then I asked him whether does it have latest Singapore map. He says yes. Once I took it to my car did the setup and surprising it mainly had Malaysia map and Singapore map was 10 years old . Features were also very user unfrendly. Use manual instruction not aligned with the features. I immediately went bank to return it to the shop. They say there will is no return policy. So if you are not 100% sure the product meet your requirement and may get it replaced you shall never buy things from Challenger. They have no return policy . They don’t telk you that but will have written at the bottom of the bill. Good luck.

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