Cover Letters for Resume – 100 Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letters for Your Resume Can Be Make or Break
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Writing a cover letter for your resume often seems like a daunting task. A cover letter typically accompanies every resume that you send out. Your cover letter can make the difference between obtaining an interview, and being ignored. Hence why a cover letter is so important.

A cover letter should firstly compliment your resume and not duplicate it. There is also a certain cover letter format that is best to follow, and many examples available at my website. Our goal is to make sure that you have the highest chance possible to getting your job interview, and ultimately getting a job!

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Sadly, too many jobseekers fail to properly leverage their cover letters. In fact, most jobseekers fail to use the one thing that can “make or break” their job-search efforts.

But, you’re different. You’re here, so that tells me you understand the value a cover letter has … and how it can transform your job-search.

Before you hit “send” on that next cover letter, how much confidence do you have in knowing that cover letter contains everything it needs to get you the job interviews? Let’s face it, there are an estimated 30 million people unemployed in today’s job market, so how much faith do you have in knowing your cover letters will set you apart from the millions of others?

Are you afraid your cover letters are bland, boring, and unfortunately, look identical to all the others? If they are, what exactly are you doing different than everyone else vying for new employment?

Waiting for the phone to ring after sending that all important cover letter is torturous, right?

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