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  1. thensco

    This video has been a great help. Can you offer some advice to people who are going into a field where they have little to no experience? I am in my junior year of college and looking for internships. It seems weird to say that I have no experience on my resume or cover letter.

  2. Lema Noel

    Thank you kindly for this extensive video.  I usually just watch short videos to get ideas then move on but I found this video very informative and helpful.  Best wishes 

  3. frederic algm

    Thank you soo much! you did a really nice job.For me as a german student it is quite hard to find sources which explain this kind of topic as qualified as you did. By the way, at the moment Im applying for an internship abroad. This video saved me a lot time and research.You deserve a lot more attention.And again THANK YOU :)

  4. Tony Boyle

    Vince, did you ever consider getting something special on your mind? Like HAIR, for instance? You sound great, but you look a little strange, and that detracts from what you are saying.  Just sayin.

  5. M York

    Great video! Very informational. I watched other videos on this topic and yours was very informative from beginning to end and not boring at all. Thanks!

  6. Adam Staff

    Well there is a lot of good information presented, but keep in mind that when you are applying to jobs, to keep it no longer than a page, infact 2/3 of a page is enough. Like you said there are thousands of applications, no one is going to take their time to read a 2-3 pager no matter how well its written and how closely the candidate matches.

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