How to Write a Cover Letter

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43 thoughts on “How to Write a Cover Letter”

  1. I watched you on TEDtalks before watching this video. Your background of living in foster homes, & being constantly judged, makes me like you a lot. Thank you for the TED talk, & for your advice on writing a cover letter. I hope your advice helps me, & I hope you have a wonderful future.

  2. Thanks for sharing Aimee. Great content! I already feel upped in my thought process because of your genuinely good tips. I am half way through modifying my cover letter and I think it is now more impactful. Learned a lot from this video.

  3. You we're much help. Thank you! I started watching, thinking I might pick up a point or two, but then found myself scrambling to find a notepad so I could take more notes. I relaxed a bit once I realized this was a video and I could replay it.
    I appreciate you not only mentioning what to write, but why.

  4. Hi Aimee, first thing THANKS. Thank you very much for your very helpful videos, for your time, effort and love you put in each one, for replying to our comments and suggestions, for being connected with us after posting your videos. I would like to know the difference between personal statement and cover letter and also if you can please post a video for personal statement (sorry if there is already one that I have missed). Thanks again

  5. thank you for this awesome video ,hope you can help with this : because i am actually used to work in a career ( tourism ) but now it's not going well over here ( Egypt ) and I am willing to apply in different careers and don't know what should i do to make a good cover letter or CV to be acceptable in other companies for a position like ( human resources ) ?

  6. Thank you for the video, currently looking for a job as I just got out of the army and never really applied for a job before so this is all new to me as far as cover letters and writing resume. thank for the advice and glad I stumbled on this video!

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