How to write a Cover Letter (Examples)

How to write a effective cover letter with real cover letter examples

Long Cover Letter Example:

Short Cover Letter Example




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27 thoughts on “How to write a Cover Letter (Examples)”

  1. I found this video and your resume video to be very helpful. It's definitely nice to have these things explained from a more peer point of view as opposed to watching all the generic stuff that has a seasoned individual explaining the same information. In short, it's more relatable and I thank you for that. :)

  2. But it's still a myth to us applicants whether these employers are going to read our cover letters or not. I think resume are still the FIRST priority.
    If you are a HR who needs to review over tens or hundreds of applicants' files every day, you will go to the compact version of it first, which is resume. And then the cover letter.
    Another myth to me is whether the HR or the hiring manager will read the cover letter in detail.
    And thanks for sharing! All the best to your job.

  3. this is useless… does he start every video with a one minute introduction? nobody reads cover letters… the towels go on a towel rack… blankets belong in a door… pink towels are ugly… pillows belong under the covers….

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