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How to Create an Attractive Professional Resume using MS Word for Applying Jobs?
A resume should be Attractive. Here I used MS word for making an amazing professional resume or CV. It may be useful for job seekers. Note:- Some People like graphical format and others like simple format. So depends on your profession it may change. For example, graphic designers and Architects etc may like graphical format. Due to request from many people, I am giving the Templates. You people know how much effort I had done… I hope you may like, subscribe and share the video…

You can download the Template, link available at the end of video

I don’t want Lazy people get this Template, So watch video and make it yourself or at least go to the blog by copy pasting the link. Don’t ask me for direct link. Your not giving value for my effort.





  1. Aadit Ravi

    visit cvforyou. com and you can make attractive & professional cv's in seconds and in all formats with many different models and the service is absolutely free.I guess this is the best cvmaker website.

  2. Lavexis

    Yea you have done a lot…

    i have a question though.. do you think that most companies will see these kind of resumes?
    because i heard that most companies that trying to recruit for entry level position only like to see 1 page resume.

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