34 thoughts on “Deleting My LinkedIn Account”

  1. I deleted my LinkedIn account a few years ago and it felt great. Nothing good comes out of having a LinkedIn account. It's something you check out and update while looking for a new job. It's also something that is just totally not needed. That, and the SPAM. Oh man, nothing but recruiters. LinkedIn is another successful site because….. I can't think of any reason why.

  2. I got rid of facebook a few years ago. I right away felt a tiny bit more private. The linkin account I just forgot the password. Twitter, even though it wasn't in my name I deleted that. Had some stress relief. Socail networking feels like a way to volunteer all your private information and to allow mass amounts of strangers know you are not home and drunk. Also you tell them what bar you are at. All just so bad!

  3. I deleted my LinkedIn account a few years ago. The few business connections that I made (Social Media Consulting for small businesses) contacted me/called to either pick my brain or made appointments to meet and never followed up. It really was useless for me. I don't miss it.

  4. You go on about people not doing research, but you didn't do enough research yourself. They maliciously gone after other people's youtube videos vaguely similar to theirs before the trademark. Them gaining it would only can be seen as a further malicious activity by them. Reaction videos that didn't use their "timings", "artstyle", or "format".

  5. Coming in 2015, I realize his new "Silicon Discourse" program requires us to have LInkedIn profiles for him to look at.
    Did he bring his back up or is that just so he can get a quick summary of our experiences before meeting us?

  6. depends on the industry, I find I get a lot of work offers but I am in a specific niche. Would I login daily? I login when I actually have someone respond to something so once a month maybe unless its busy.

  7. I didn't delete facebook, but I went through and removed a bunch of stupid political blogs, and subscribed to a bunch of collaborative hobbyist groups. It's been a wonderful change to see interesting and positive things on facebook….

  8. I just leave them as they are. If someone wants to contact me, then they can do it there, I will get notified and then I will login. For the same reason I stil have skype. I would love just to uninstall it forever, but then other people wont be able to contact me.

  9. I have found Linkedin to be invaluable in researching the people who will I would be interfacing with during job hunts such as prior to an interview. On the other hand I have not found it useful in any way in keeping connections.

  10. I'm 22 and I've found the groups for programs useful so far one got me into contact with a SQL developer who's now been very generously teaching me for free also the people in the groups have a lot more experience than me so its a good place to ask questions about the languages programs career advice ect.

  11. In college the head I.T teacher talked about how he hated twitter, etc. Was like your in the bathroom SO WHAT! I was kind of surprised by that, but I also understand his view.

    I use Facebook a bit different I kind of use some tech related pages to have a general overview of what is happening in tech. If I see something of interest i'l follow the link, then get some info to go learn more. I had used RSS feeds, but that got annoying so many had multiple feeds a day for sponsors, and the feed program always wanted updates. I also have family that I do tech support for and FB chat is actually relatively good for that.

  12. Captain my Captain.  You are awake!  I was cruising LinkedIn and just feeling my own complete dissatisfaction with all of it.  I am deleting my account and devoting my time to my business.  Consider that every time that I have a problem with its crappy service and other difficulties with managing it, I end up on YouTube…THEN WHAT AM I DOING ON LINKEDIN!  The site does nothing more than entice me to pull my pants down in front of recruiters and other desperate people.  Yuk.

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