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Professionally produced video resume to help Shelly find a position in the Sales & Marketing world. Besides being posted on YouTube, this video was shared on Facebook and distributed to many video hosting sites too, such as:

… and many more

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  1. Gus Al-Zabri

    thanks for the inspiration… The first example of a video resume I watch.
    I liked it at the beginning. However, I do think that it became more of an interview situation later.

    But it's great. I will try to come up with something similar.

  2. J Jarquin

    Thank you for your great example of a Video resume. Great video, sound quality, and content. jut a few things i would recommend as an employer:

    1. Always keep eye contact with the camera, makes you more engaged to who you're reaching out to.
    2. Avoid saying "um" in between sentences. it makes you seem less confident in what you are trying to deliver.

    On a positive note:

    1. Great job on the camera angles and text involved with your presentation, it kept me engaged and hooked.
    2. I like how you included your accomplishments over your skill and qualifications, as an example of what value you can bring into a company.

    Overall, great video. Just try to keep your attention focused on your eye contact and verbiage to keep your audience active and vibrant to what you're saying.

  3. Denice Rincon

    OMG! I can't believe people are leaving such negative comments. I would love to see each and every one of THEIR video resumes. I don't believe doing a video resume is an easy task for everyone, I think it takes practice and a lot of courage to do this. I would like to say GOOD JOB and THANKS for posting this video. It has encouraged me to do mine. I hope you got the job you were looking for and that you don't let any of the negative comments affect you.

  4. Darrin Boust

    If the customer is going to read a script…make sure they are looking into the lens – use a teleprompter (you can make one DIY for minimal bucks, and download an app for laptop or ipad to mirror the text), far enough back so their eyes aren't moving like they're watching at tennis match (use a zoom lens if needed). Sound is good, but background music is a) crappy and b) destracting. Marketing yourself throughout the ENTIRE video that your CUSTOMER PAID FOR is annoying as hell. Fix those things and you're golden.

  5. Versie Adams Photography

    She sounds too scripted and comes across as if she is reading off cue cards. Also her eye contact is much lower than the camera lens and you can see from her eye movement that she is reading her lines. I would film this again.

  6. bluewaterjones

    Shelly, Professionally done!  Nice.  Not to be too critical, but way too many 'I's… I did this… I did that… I am this… I am… 
    Write a better script.  1. Describe a problem your potential employer is having  2. Describe a solution, two, or three 3. Show how you can provide those solutions.  I realize this video was done 5 years ago. 

  7. commprofessormj

    Nice production, and beginning @ :56 a much better natural delivery.  Before this however, I am distracted by the fact that the speaker is looking at and reading speaking notes instead of looking directly into the camera and speaking to me.

  8. John Morris

    I love this video!  You should keep this posted on youtube, as an example for others.  This is probably one of the best that I've seen.  I particularly like the waving at the end. – – -nice way to bring everything together.

  9. MyDream MyLife

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  10. videohiresocial

    Hey Shelly! Love your video resume, hopefully you've landed a great position. Stay connected with us as we launch our website December 2012 if you ever need to make an updated video or refer someone to following in your footsteps :)

  11. Christopher Hammar

    Everybody has a camera these days. Set it up for high key against a bright wall, put some construction-lights on the WALL, not yourself.. Then some regularlights for Your person. Ready too go.

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