Do you know that you can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for any job interview?

What is NLP? In the simplest term, it is defined as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a series of methods or strategies to communicate with yourself and other parties to achieve certain objectives.

I will not go in-depth into the explanation of the whole idea but only touch one part of it and describe how it is related to job interviews and how it can make a drastic difference in creating a successful interview.

Well, let’s get started:

Remember the last few successful interviews that had landed you into a job many years ago?

Now recall what really happened during the interview session…

job-interview-sessionDid you see yourself enjoy talking to the interviewer and both of you were smiling and laughing during the interview? You must have had the feeling that your chances of getting the job were high and you were happy that the interview had gone very well?

You notice that you really enjoyed talking to the interviewer and had the feeling that the other party was also enjoying the session with you.

Do you remember when you come out from the interview room, you noticed that your energy level was quite high, you were highly excited and smiling to yourself…

Now recall another terrible scenario…

Remember the time when you had gone to the interview and everything seemed to be falling apart. You noticed that the interviewer was not very friendly and you were not enjoying any moment of it. The interviewer asked many nasty questions that you did not know how to answer or you simply did not know how to give a good answer.

The entire interview just seemed wrong!

Did you managed to get the job? You know the answer….

What is really happening here? How is it that you could perform like a superman in one interview, yet act like a clown in another interview?

Some people said it is due to “Chemistry” between you and the interviewer.

Some people said it is due to the “Culture of the company.”

Whichever it is, let me ask you a question:

If you were able to control the atmosphere and the chemistry of the whole interview session, would you have an unfair advantage compared to the rest of the candidates? YOU BET! You will come to a point where almost EVERY company who interviewed you will want to HIRE YOU!

nlp-find-job-interviewsLet me introduce the magic of NLP!

In NLP, there are basically 3 different groups of people:

Visual – People who focus or prefer to “SEE”.

Auditory – People who focus or prefer to “HEAR”.

Kinesthetic – People who focus or prefer to “FEEL”.

Your role is to identify which group the interviewer belongs to. To make thing very simple I will give you a few illustrations on how to identify which group the person belongs to.

Example 1:

Interviewer said, “I see that you are early today, good, shall we go to the room over there with a sign – Meeting Room 2 and start our session?” (VISUAL)

Example 2:

Interviewer said, “I feel that you may (or may not) be able to take up the task? What do you think?” (Kinesthetic)

Example 3:

Before you sit down, the interviewer holds your shoulders and said, “I got the feeling that you might be suitable (or not suitable) for this job.” (He also uses his hand to FEEL you)


Example 4:

Interviewer said: Your reasons for leaving sounds to me that …..(Auditory)

Example 5:

Interviewer said: Your resume looks great, I can picture you fitting in our office environment… (VISUAL)

Note that there is a possibility that the interviewer may fall into 2 or more groups though he/she may be more prominent in one particular group.

Your job now is to identify which group the interviewer belongs to:

Visual Person – Talks about “see”, “look” “colors”, “pictures” and anything that can be seen.

Auditory Person – Talks about “hear”, “sound”, “music” and anything that can be heard.

Kinesthetic Person – Talks about “feel”, “emotions”, “sentimental”, “Touch” and anything that can be felt.

After identifying which group the interviewer is in, you will need to tune and behave similarly.

The SUCCESS equation:

You must communicate with the interviewer using the same language or grouping, which is either one of the 3 groups, or a possible combination of 2.

You                –           The Interviewer

Visual             –          Visual

Auditory         –          Auditory

Kinesthetic    –          Kinesthetic

* You must talk and behave the same way in order to create rapport and chemistry with the other party.

If you are using a different approach, your ability to create RAPPORT with him will not be successful and eventually your chances of getting the job could be jeopardized.

Practice identifying the grouping on the interviewers. I believe you will be able to get the hang of it after a few rounds and eventually you will be able to create magic and dictate the flow and momentum of the interviews.

Wish you very success in your interview….CHEERS!

Dougles Chan is the author of Job Seeker Power Manual. He mentors and trains individuals to personal success in recruitment. He can be contacted at @ (65) 93880851 or email to


What others are saying about the powerful job manual – Job Seeker Power Manual


2a5da90Several people have felt like me that your interview section and mirror (NLP), and the ‘I’ section to be most helpful. Thanks again for the great document!

Adam L.Neely, USA  

This is a fantastic manual on creation of resume and other related issues with job hunt.

Arvind Khare Mumbai, India Group CEO, Killer Jeans

It has been of great help. I redid my resume from 6 pages to 3 pages and redrafted cover letter, hoping that it will land me a  good job. Thanks for your manual. May the light be with you in helping people get what they want in life.

Aaron Quek, CPA,MBA,ACCA, Malaysia Penang

I thank you for your tremendous efforts in writing this very informative jobseeker manual. This manual is my guide in editing my husband resume. I recommended this manual for him to read and apply all the things discussed and now he is very busy attending interviews.

Keith B Liston, Philippines, Cebu City 

This manual would definitely help me from head to toe. On how to speak, what to say and what not to say. How I would not betray myself with my face. As all the interviews are not comfortable, there are many approaches that can be taken to conquer this goliath.

Ivan Ong, Singapore

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