ATS Best Resume Layout

Want to know how to format your resume so Applicant Tracking Sytems such as Taleo picks up everything you need? Joanne Meehl of gives some insider secrets in this quick little video.




5 thoughts on “ATS Best Resume Layout”

  1. Get your resume to A REAL PERSON.  By all means, submit the online application. But afterwards, you've got to take some extra initiative and get your resume into the hands of a living, breathing human being.  Use Google, LinkedIn, the company's website or just call and get a name from the receptionist. But get a name of someone relevant and FedEx your resume to them. Make a nice cover letter letting them know exactly what you're interested in. And I wouldn't waste time emailing it.  Most of these managers have hundreds of emails. Your email probably won't get opened until the job is already filled. This is what I do and I changed jobs 3 times during the recession, each one paying better than the last. The ATS is nothing more than a rejection machine. Even if you cut and paste the job description into your resume, it won't see the light of day if the machine ranks other people higher than you.

  2. Hi and thanks for writing — yes, employers are swamped with resumes. My internal and external recruiter friends tell me that 90% of resumes sent for openings should never have been sent; they don't match the job so they just get in the way of legitimate job hunters. The videos include the info that's critical. But the best way around dealing with ATSs is to network your way in instead. 

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