How to Search for Headhunter in Singapore?

Look for Singapore headhunter?

Here are some practical ways to look for “that” headhunter in Singapore where it could land you in a job you might be looking for. Before we begin, please take note of the following:

1) Headhunters in Singapore are classified as “consultants” that deal with only top level candidates and positions, if you are a junior position, please do not look for a headhunter.

2) Headhunters can get somewhat personal and friendly, the way they approach is very much different from a normal recruitment consultant.

3) Many headhunters in Singapore has somewhat high ego, treat them with due respects and you will get yours!

Alright, here are some ways to get some good headhunters in Singapore:

1) Google search, search for “Headhunter in Singapore,” or “Singapore Headhunter” or somewhere related. You must be in to had a better refine search

2) Look at in Singapore, you will see quite a few reputable headhunters over there.

3) Check out, log in with your own profile and search under headhunters Singapore, best headhunters, etc…

4) Check out my blog at, I had written a post about the best headhunters in Singapore.  (Self-Promotions…. Hahha)

5) Via recruitment consultant’s recommendation, you can always ask for people who are working as a recruitment consultants to recommend some headhunters to you, as there are dealing with a lower level and very likely as they are in the recruitment agencies industries, they are very likely to have some good connections.

6) Networking – Yes, headhunters do network with one another, you will be able to find good headhunters via though industries networking activities.

7) Spamming – Get your CV to many headhunting companies, throw the CV to them….anyone will do, do this if and only you are seriously desperate for a job.

8) Magazines, there are various magazines such as Headhunt, Capital, Human Resources in Singapore where you can get a few good names from the magazines.

9) Google Map- Just search for the keywords that you are looking for, such as best headhunters, Singapore best headhunters, etc and you will be able to see the locations of many others headhunters within your region, this method actually is a further features of Google search and allows you to search for other headhunters that are not in the Googles first few pages. Just click on the individual location and you will be able to see their location and contacts.

Well, hope that these methods above will be able to help in the search for a great career in Singapore.


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