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38 thoughts on “How to find a job | Creative ways to get a job without any experience | Wengie’s Advice”

  1. persistence is also a key to job hunting, its one thing to through ur resume at something, its another to call them up weekly if not monthly to see when they are hiring, i was lucky when i applied for my job, i called target and the lady told me that they were doing interviews at that time and managed to squeeze me in the next day

  2. I've got problems with anxiety and I'm not good at maths or anything like that so I always think too much about messing up in jobs and stuff, and I've had no experience except for doing work experience in school :/ does anyone have any advice for me? Did anyone experience the same thing?

  3. When it comes to jobs, the problem I face is that I am considered 'too young'.I love tutoring but oftentimes I get turned down just because I am not an uni student yet.It makes me really sad cause I know I have alot of knowledge and experience, yet I hardly ever get the chance of being interviewed cause of my age.

  4. Hi Wengie! I have been watching you forever and reading your blog. I just love  your personal chit chat videos. I just made a video on my experiences with finding a job post-college/post-uni, too and would love it so much if you would check it out on my channel! :)

  5. Hi Wengie!!
    Can you please do a video on jealousy? I think it's something that everyone feels and struggles with dealing, especially girls. This includes myself of course.

    To be honest, there are a lot of times where I have been jealous of you, because you're so beautiful inside and out <3 I've wished that I could be as beautiful as you several times.
    I hate that I feel this way because I really do like you and your videos. I would love to hear your experience and advice with this

  6. Thank you so much this video is really helpful!Also thank you so much for congratulating me on Instagram for getting my job!That made my day even better and I actually haven't been so happy and excited in a long time!So thank you so much again!Also wait so do you play league?If so would I be able to play a game or few with you sometime? xD <3 

  7. Can you do a video talking about managing jobs and school together ? I just got hired at another store and I would be working somewhere else too. And on top of that I have school. I feel super stressed with two jobs. Pls give me some tips:( 

  8. I'm only a teenager and I want to apply for a job but I'm not sure my parents would allow because they think I'm too young to be working (I'm 15), how can I convince them to let me work?

  9. I actually had my first job interview today o(^▽^)o I had to work today so they could judge how I'm doing

    I have to wait fo their call, but I will apply for more places in the mean time!
    since its only a part time job I dont mind hard work, because thats exactly what I want ( ^ω^ ) I

  10. Girl, I love your advice channel. I found you on my recommended videos to watch and immediately subscribed to ur channel. Then I found that you had a blog channel and now.. I'm totally in love with you. You give great advice and inspiration and I love how it's not vague and that it's quite in depth and all.
    Anyways, I do have a question I want to ask you. I'm at the age of 21 and I'm completely lost in what I want to do in life. I guess I want an opinion or even advice if possible. But I don't really want to openly share it on YouTube so can I send you an email? Love you xxxxx

  11. 1. If you're in high school or university looking for a part time job, don't be like me and look online to apply. From my experience, they hardly look at online applications unless stated. Best way is to go to the mall or stores and ask personally if they are hiring so they know your face. Also bring your resumes!

    2. Make friends with the workers there if you shop there often and T y get referrals.

    3. If you have no experience, like wengie said, go for internships or volunteering.

    4. Always always always research the company for their statement and their history and what goals they have so yeah up knowhow to answer the "why do you want to to work there.


  12. I barely got my first job this year and I'm turning 24 soon lol it took me forever for someone to let me work for them but I did it. I just wore a nice blouse with some jeans and made sure to smile and act confident during my interview 🙂 ty Wengie for the tips though I am going to be needing them once I start looking for vet jobs :)

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