How To Write A Resume – The Art Of Resumes

Want to learn how to write a resume that is guaranteed to land you more jobs than any other resume would? Learn the secret method i use to create mind blowing resumes.

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28 thoughts on “How To Write A Resume – The Art Of Resumes”

  1. Hello Improvement Pill,

    I heard you state that including a photo is important esp if the recruiter forgets you. But, I hear other sites stating no b/c it could be illegible due to possible case of discrimination, race, and gender.

    Should I contact the companies on their resume policy? But I don't want to look silly.

  2. I don't think it's good enough. No offense to your work experience but getting a recruiter to notice your resume is not the same as getting an interview that gets an offer. For example, in the finance industry, your sales numbers, your annual performance figures – those are far more valuable than a good looking resume with the standard job descriptions people tend to write. Edit: I'm not saying that formatting your resume doesn't help, just that it's not enough.

  3. I really like your other videos, but this one is full of bad advice.
    Templates you suggested are terrible for the following reasons:
    – Resumes should never contain a photo unless required. Photo does not say anything about your ability, it willl get filtered and company could automatically decline you (possible discrimination problems).
    – Resumes should in most cases be black and white since they will most likely be printed.
    – Rating your own skills is childish and plain stupid.
    – Unnecessary information (after the company name and your job title, you are expected to list your duties – there is no need to write "tasks" above them).
    – Icons
    – Too much emphasis – less bold & italic – more roman, reduce headings' font size
    – Terrible margin size (one of the most common mistakes) – they should be way bigger
    Less is more.

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