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  1. TheDuckSneezes

    Hello Improvement Pill,

    I heard you state that including a photo is important esp if the recruiter forgets you. But, I hear other sites stating no b/c it could be illegible due to possible case of discrimination, race, and gender.

    Should I contact the companies on their resume policy? But I don't want to look silly.

  2. EF F

    I don't think it's good enough. No offense to your work experience but getting a recruiter to notice your resume is not the same as getting an interview that gets an offer. For example, in the finance industry, your sales numbers, your annual performance figures – those are far more valuable than a good looking resume with the standard job descriptions people tend to write. Edit: I'm not saying that formatting your resume doesn't help, just that it's not enough.

  3. avinash ks

    The site is not free. It's free to use but when you convert the content into pdf, there are watermarks all over the page. It is basically unusable without paying.

  4. Milan Kovacic

    I really like your other videos, but this one is full of bad advice.
    Templates you suggested are terrible for the following reasons:
    – Resumes should never contain a photo unless required. Photo does not say anything about your ability, it willl get filtered and company could automatically decline you (possible discrimination problems).
    – Resumes should in most cases be black and white since they will most likely be printed.
    – Rating your own skills is childish and plain stupid.
    – Unnecessary information (after the company name and your job title, you are expected to list your duties – there is no need to write "tasks" above them).
    – Icons
    – Too much emphasis – less bold & italic – more roman, reduce headings' font size
    – Terrible margin size (one of the most common mistakes) – they should be way bigger
    Less is more.

  5. bigcat56308

    The aesthetics of a resume has absolutely no relationship with a candidate's ability to perform job duties, unless their job duty is to make aesthetically pleasing documents like resumes.

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