Campus Placement interview tips and suggestions, Car

Interview tips and suggestion session with Ankit Chawla, a final year maths student from Hansraj College, Delhi. He got his placement with Car This interview video will definitely help those who are looking for a career with Car
Intro about the company:- is an online platform for dealing with cars. It has several domain for Old car & New car

Old Car

Provide details for Purchasing Old Car
Conversion Process
Car Financing

New Car
Compare prices Provide details for Purchasing New Car
Conversion Process
Car Financing
Compare prices

Interview Procedure:- ( Interview questions & answers)
Placement Cell-Hansraj College, Car came for Placement Session for hiring students.
Interview started with Written Test included Logical Test and Verbal Reasoning.
It consisted of General Aptitute and simple reasoning questions.
100 Students participated out of which 30 students qualified
1st round of interview happened on the sameday It consisted of 2 rounds :- ( Interview questions & answers)
i) Technical round – 2-3 Questions were asked in the concerned field of the students.
ii) HR Round – HR round was mainly Technical. As Car Dekho is a Online Company, so questions were also similar in nature. Here are some glimpses of the questions:-
– How the online venture makes profit?
– How their business are progressing?
– How Freecharge makes profit?
– Define in 5 steps, how will you refine your customer( buyer of a car) from 5 to 2
– Define in 5 steps, how will you refine your customer( seller of a car) from 5 to 2
After the first round of interview only 20 candidates were selected.
2nd round of interview. ( Interview questions & answers)
It was similar like first round, there were again technical questions. And questions were asked related to general maths.
After the completion of 2nd round, final number of candidate’s selected were 12.
Car did the hiring for different roles. For eg:-
1) Business Analyst
2) Operations
3) Sales & Marketing
Ankit has been hired as Business Analyst.
Company Review:- Car is a very good opportunity place for students. It is neither a start-up a company nor a very big company. But your idea will be taken into consideration.

Concluding Tips & Suggestions- (Interview tips and suggestion)
1) Be dedicated, be clear about your field you really want to work with.
2) Be very frank to the interviewer
3) Try to ask for your feedback, so that you can prepare better for future.
Placement cell of Hansraj College has done a systematic placement arrangement for the students. The entire interview process happened smoothly. It was on campus. And all rounds of interview and selection happened on the same day. And big thank for Placement Boat for putting this across to large number of students who can take the required inputs from the interview video.

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