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I had my first job interview! I was nervous but excited and here’s how it went… Good luck if you have one coming up! Give me a follow on Twitter:

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17 thoughts on “First Job Interview: Tips, Outfit, Makeup | DancingFashion”

  1. I was 14 when I went for my interview and it sucked. (it was for coles). I was really confident and not nervous but the interviewer was very strict but that was to be expected I guess. At one point, he unprofessionally said shit, which I know isn't that bad of a word, but a big no no for an interview, Like come on, I'm trying to show my positive behaviour and here you are, the manager and interviewer, swearing infront of over 15 people including 3 others my age. Anyway I brushed it off and went home. I went out to a water park a few days later and of course he rang then and I missed it. I called back and he wasn't there. Called back again the next day, he is at another store. Called back again and they told me he would call me. waited 2 days, no phone call, then I called again, He was there – but on the phone with another person enquiring about a missed phone call regarding the job too. Told me to call back in 10, so I did and what did they say..? "Oh we're so sorry! He just went home! Try again tomorrow". I didn't even bother calling back, so dodgy and unprofessional! Can only imagine that I would have hated it. Still no job but that was my first and only experience so far..  

  2. I felt like I was overdressed for my first interview, but I did learn a lot from it and thank you for your tips! Your outfit was super cute and professional, so thank you for that tip. Great video!

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