1. NuckingFuts06

    I got into every interview pretend that I am interviewing them and that I don't necessarily need the job, but they need me.. It works every time, I have received every job Ive applied for using this tactic and I've been climbing the ladder since I've been out of school..

  2. NurJahan

    @DatEnigmatic No, these skills are important anywhere. I used these same tips for my interview at Dunkin Donuts and I got a higher starting pay than the rest of my peers…and I was not experienced. Bring your A game everywhere you go!

  3. martinaee

    Noobs I'll give you my number one tip to get any job for sure.

    When you shake an interviewer's hand attempt to squeeze as hard as you possibly can and don't let go for 15 seconds at least. Show them you get shit done…. *like a boss*

  4. DatEnigmatic

    I'm only 18 applying to boarders. They acting like it's an interview for a high Microsoft company or something. I bet a lot of interviews for first time students are not like this. I heard they were easy. I mean, come on. You gotta act like this when applying to MacDonalds? What?

  5. Daniel Stone

    @Aelliotb Tip 6. Sneeze in the interviewers face when you are first meeting them. It'll show them that even though you are sick you can still make it to the interview.

    Tip 7. Download pacman to your phone and play it during the interview. If you write your good at pacman on your CV, you might have to prove it.

  6. Ivan Rodriguez

    this is so much crap!!! there are people out there who do have what it takes, willing to accommodate to new jobs, over qualify, hard working, self motivated individuals that when it comes to the botton line, they have a criminal record from decades ago, and employers dont even provide a chance for interview. They will just run a background check prior to and disqualify the individual. 

  7. hate420breed

    Present your penis to the interviewer and say, "you see this? this means the big dick is in charge now" than smile, run out and yell while your running out the door, I'll see you fuck heads monday afternoon!

  8. GustoSTL

    I would recomend business casual for Mcdonalds i.e. nice pants, shirt with collar, cover any tatoos, no or little cologn, no ear rings or jewelry other than a watch and 1 ring. Just a few suggestions.
    you might also ask more folks or call McDonads for a recomendation as to how to dress
    Just a few suggestions…..

  9. dipakmistry94

    i have an interview at mcdonalds, what should i wear? my mum wants me to wear somethign like shirt long black pants and formal shoes but when my mate went for his interview he just wore casual,

  10. tootsiejoon

    Ahh man, I feel for you. I just had mine yesterday and I think I screwed it up, because I fumbled on few questions and after that I could see the guy kind lost interest as I could see it in his eyes, then there was this hot woman sitting with him and she kept looking at me, like, I want to have some fun after this, and that made it even worse and I got hot and sweatty too. Make sure there are not any female near by.

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