Job bank Singapore a Total Flop? –

job-bank-singapore-by-wdaJob bank Singapore – by WDA was introduced to allow companies to post their jobs to allow more Singaporean to have more job opportunities and get hired – This was the intention, BUT….there is a special clause, companies must put their advertisements in the Jobs Bank for 2 weeks or more then they are allow to hire a foreigner for the same position. Oops!

Here is the problem – The companies who are hiring can always claim that they are no suitable or right candidates from all the applicants from the Jobs bank would the authority able to verify such claims, basically, they are not able to do so…

So if a company really want to hire a foreigner due to whatever “reasons”, they will do so, even if they need to post the same job advertisement in the Jobs Bank portal. The hiring companies will go through the “motion” and proof that they indeed had advertised the job in the jobs bank… and later on still hire a foreigner….

What does that implies?

Singapore job applicants are wasting time – Singaporean who are actually applying through Jobs Bank in Singapore very likely will be wasting their time, many companies who had the intention to hire foreigners will never even look at the Singaporean resume at all!

Lower productivities – Imagine the company needs to hire the person but because of this “weird” rules of compulsory posting the job ad in the jobs bank, then the companies are able to hire a foreigner, these 2 weeks or more gap of time will be wasted and apparently for the ongoing running business, potential business will be lost, more customers will be unhappy, more money will be drained….this is actually not too good for any companies who are heavily dependent on foreigner.

The trend will not change – Companies who are dependent on foreigners will continue to hire foreigner because they are “better” in prices, probably more cooperative and more loyal…theses are the perceptions from companies who are hiring foreigners. The companies will look at the bottom line and continue to hire those who are able to make more profits for the company.

This is purely business – nothing personal. Period.

What about Singaporean?
Will the Singapore job applicants who are using the Jobs Bank in Singapore cannot find a job at all?

The answer is not straight forward, there are companies who love to hire Singaporean, but before we point the fault on the companies, why not look at ourselves?

Are we demanding too much, are we expecting salaries much better than our previous job? Are we not willing to travel from Tampines to Jurong for work every single day, Are we willing to work on Saturday and Sunday…..the list goes on and on and on…..I think you get my point…sometimes Singaporean are too comfortable. They do not want to do jobs which are too demanding.

It’s not your fault that YOU are demanding too much! Really?
The Singapore economic had BOOM in certain sectors, everything needs money, everything are expensive, HDB loans, Singapore Power bills, phone bills…blar blar blar…YOU need to pay your bills…I know.. but iphones, by samsung galaxy, blar blar blar…

But look at it from another prospective, 10 years ago, your salary is lesser and you still can live on..what is the difference now? Why are you out of job? How did you land yourself to be today…Going back to the question of pointing the fault in others..I think we do have some problems..we really do. (BTW if 10 years ago, your salary is the same compared to NOW, you do have a BIG problem!)

Taking Advantage of Jobs Bank Singapore
Do you know that the number of jobs available in Jobs Bank Singapore is more than any other job portals available? You only need ONE company to say yes to you…and you are employed.

Change your expectation, make yourself better value compared to any other foreigner applicants, show the HR that you are the BEST in the industry, don’t put your expected salary at all. Let them be curious about you, put the bait and let them interview you. If you are the best in the industry, at the right price and expectation, you will be hired.

So is Jobs Bank Singapore a total flop? It’s always about how you look at it…there is no right answers to it.

Cheers and good luck!


Regards – Dougles Chan, The Recruitment Guru



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