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Hi, my name is Dougles Chan, I teach and mentor recruitment agencies owner or future recruitment agencies owners in creating a profitable agencies. In today topic, I would like to share with you some secrets and tips so that you can get a job faster and easier. Hence, do not send you CV first, give me a few minutes of your time, read on and understands what can go wrong during the process.

Old ads – For example, you see many of the job ads in Jobstreets are OLD and recycle, what I meant OLD is that the job posting is easily more than 10 days old and if you are searching for a job that is already easily more than 10 days old, do you know how many people had already applied for the job? Why does the job portals post OLD ads? The answer is that they really have not too many jobs available and at the same time, help the advertiser to post the ads again so the the advertiser has more exposure, there is nothing wrong in this but be smart to notice such activities so that you will not send to an old ad. The fact is that old ad responds rate will likely to be slowly or none because they advertiser will likely to find the required candidates already.

How to spot an old ad – For example, when you are searching for jobs in job portal, the time is 10 am, and if you notice that the ad posting time is about 9-10 hours ago, then the actual posting time is around 12 midnight. Most of the advertisers are not working during that time! So how on earth is someone posting a job ad at around 12 midnight? The answer is that it is an auto re-post of an old job. Of cos, one can argued that they are really people who stay up late to post the ads, but chances are quite slim though.  So be smart to spot an old ad.

Achieve Career Consultant Pte Ltd is posting 2 ads at 2.14 and 2.13 am???

Your Cover Letter – Please do attached a personalized cover letter when possible, do not just use a standard template, it matters alot, remember that the other party might be  very busy and got no time to read every CV, so some of them will glance through the cover letter to decide whether to continue to read your CV, if you do not attached a personalized cover letter, chances that your CV will not be read.

Your CV may not be read – Yes, there can be 1001 reasons why the other advertisers do not receive your CV, your email server problem, technical glitch,, job portal glitch, or the HR manager could be just flooded with too many CV at one time, so to solve the problem, it is advisable to send the CV 2 times,no more, no less, in different timing and days so that not just you will increase you chances, you will get “noticed” easier.

Talks about the Benefits – Don’t talk about how good you are in the CV and cover letter, talk about how the company can benefit from your skills and experience, focus more time on making sure the company will benefit from you and not just focusing on telling them how many years of experiences, how good you are, how great your qualifications are. You see, the idea is this, you need to let the other party knows HOW MUCH they will gain by hiring you. Most of the CV and cover letter does not cover such things. In the book where it help thousands of people already, the Job Seeker Power manual actually explains the “I” concept and why most people failed badly in their job search, if you are keen, check over here.

Last but not least, Good luck in your job search!

Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru.

Author of Job Seeker Power Manual




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