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40 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – Life is worth living Lyrics”

  1. My parents are divorced and now I have 4 parents and it's hard. I've lost too many friends over the stupidest reasons and I regret every single mistake I have made and my life will never be the same. Sometimes I don't think I can go on another day.

  2. IMMA take the time to comment here i have to. Be truly honest because. Of this song my life is so much better and not only that but I used to dislike him but after hearing his newer songs I'm kinda liking him more and I feel like he's changing this song touched my heart a lot like idc if I'm a boy I like him more than I used to I can say that because I actually have made mistakes that I'll regret. So thank you Justin for making this beautiful song and thank you for the person who posted it on youtube

  3. I really like Justin Bieber for who he is, you know? Like, as far as I know, he's one of the few singers who sing about depression, and try to give hope to others. After all, he's been through alot. And the song that he sang for the little girl who he loved, that was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen, and I don't give two flying lemurs about anyone who thinks he did it for show. You go, Bieber!

  4. I'm the girl who got this song tattooed in French & showed Justin. This song has even more meaning to me after I showed Justin the tattoo & had conversations & jokes with him about it. He gives me hope at my lowest times. I'm so thankful for my Angel❤️

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