What Are the Differences Between KAH and BASIC CEI Course?

Many clients who are going to be recruitment consultants or going to be recruitment business owner asked me the same question again and again.

What Are the Differences Between KAH and BASIC CEI Course?

Shall I take the CEI basic course?

Should I take the KAH course?

The course fees are basically slightly different so the decision should not be based on the course prices.

CEI Basic Course

This is for anyone who started as a recruitment consultant level, probably manager can also take this CEI basic course. For Singapore headhunters or executive search personnel who are doing more than S$7000 per month salary placement, you need not have to take the courses, regardless of whether is CEI Basic or KAH. (What? You got to be kidding? That is simply not fair? Well, my friend, the system works that way. There is nothing much we can really do about it. Move on…)

KAH Course

This is for people who has the intention to open their own recruitment business or in the near future. Consultants who do no wanted to open their own agency can also opt for the course. There is no restriction on YOU MUST have an own agency to attend the KAH classes. However, do take careful attention that if your potential employer knows you are having a KAH licence, they will be very careful about your application because they are afraid that you might be their future competitions. Hence, if you are just looking for a job, I would strongly recommended that you just take the CEI basic course will be very much enough.

There are only a few official providers for the CEI Basic and KAH courses, but careful if they are not the official appointed training providers and you do not want to land yourself into some technical issues where your certificate is not being recognized at all.

Just a reminder that the MOM had revised the syllabus and the courses for both had get tougher compared to last time, hence you will need to be fully prepared before you attempt the examinations at NTUC learning hub.

Check the official KAH Course providers here.  Sample CEI Test Questions.



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