Top 12 Kelly Services Pte Ltd Reviews – Singapore

Top 12 Kelly Services Pte Ltd Reviews – Singapore
Javier Goh reviewed Kelly Singapore5 star

I started working as a flyer distributor on a project called “WaterFront” located at punggol. Working as a flyer distributor may seems tough with the hectic weather and such but it was a pleasant job having Joshua as my leader leading me. He is always there to check upon me and the rest not because of whether we are doing our job perfectly. But to care and concern regarding are we hydrated enough with plenty of water. Those care and concern always motivated me to keep going forward and with that, I kept looking for jobs from Joshua as he give me that trust that not everyone does. From flyers distribution to retail and even event jobs too. It was a great pleasant to met Joshua and thank you for everything you have done for the outside world such as charity and many more. You are a great boss to me with a big heart!!

Alicia Khoo reviewed Kelly Singapore1 star

Worked for 28 hours(2days) but was only paid 24hours! Emailed and texted them but no replies. It was only until I mention about MOM then they replied. They say will get back to me but still have yet to update me anything about my pay even though I emailed AGAIN. Will never work for them again. I would advise anyone who work with them to double check their payslip!!

PS: it was not only me who had issues with my pay. I worked with 3 other friends and their pay were all short of few hours as well.

Raj Matthew reviewed Kelly Singapore1 star

This agent Joseph Seow posted a job online with black bold can work with friends. Over the phone ask him work with friends say yes ask to go down interview. End up wasting my trip and time there say he wont do the job because no such thing as work with friends! If you dont allow work with friends then dont post it! Over the phone want to ask more just shut people up and ask people go down! Jolly well over the phone mention cannot work with friends! Waste people time going down!!!!

David Idowanaknowu reviewed Kelly Singapore1 star

First time applying for a job at Kelly Services and the way one of their staff, Joel spoke to me was downright rude. Absolutely apalled with such unprofessionalism displayed by their staff. I thought Kelly services was one of the reputable companies, but boy oh boy bad did they leave a bad first impression on me. Definitely wont be coming back to you guys to look for a job.

Xiang Wei Matt reviewed Kelly Singapore5 star

It’s a very professional company and while I did not expect to receive any response on the day itself after sending my resume, Mr Joel from P-serv called me on mobile and called me down for an interview. This shows that he’s a really efficient person and definitely a nice person too. 🙂 Fighting!

Janet Kum reviewed Kelly Singapore5 star

I was a X Kelly consultant n due to family commitment, I left Kelly. Even though I worked for a short period but I did enjoyed every moment when I was there… During my times, there was this little young man that got my attention. He is always helpful, cheerful n with a Never Say DIE attitude! A young man who always go extra mile to help his friends, colleagues and candidates…. there was an incident he SMSed me ,even I had left Kelly, to check whether do I have any old furniture to donate to one of his single mom candidate.. I was like WOW.. you are the man! This industry need someone like him.. someone who bring his heart to work —–> JOSHUA WOO, well done!

Dennis Inoue Zhou reviewed Kelly Singapore2 star

I need your cooperation in asking people .
I had a confirmation but nobody tell me like event cancelled beforehand when i reached the venue. (happened once .) ystdy confirmed sms for one 3pm job but give me last 15min contact say my timing had been changed , need 11am report . anyway pls look into this matter.

Joyce Huang reviewed Kelly Singapore1 star

Such professionalism from the agent. I was called down for an interview on 24 June at 4pm. The interviewer, Mr. Warren Choo basically invited me for a session to express his prejudicial opinions against UOL graduates, that they wouldn’t even consider hiring us or glance at our resumes. I am a UOL undergrad and honestly find such abhorrent behaviour and prejudicial views against similar graduates extremely cruel and narrow minded. To all my felllow UOL graduates and undergraduates, please take heed and do think twice before applying to jobs advertised by Kelly Services. #injustice #simuniversity #simconfessions #universityoflondoninternationalprogrammes

Although I have bad experience with Grace from Kelly Services but they really took my complaint seriously.

Although they in the end I still nvr got any job thru them but I am happy with their attitudes & services

Jean Koh reviewed Kelly Singapore1 star

Previously, a friend and I tried to find a job through kelly services.
We were helped by Yi Lin. She was efficient in telling us about the job scope and everything, however, she suddenly stop all form of communication with us. Even after telling us we were ‘CONFIRMED FOR THE JOB’, she kept stating that client had not confirm some stuff. She failed to keep us updated even after we continue to ask for updates. One of the time, she had just completely disappeared for more than a week, we even tried calling for days. Eventhough, her other colleauges offered to get us jobs, their offer did not compare with the job that yilin had posted.
Thanks to Yi Lin, both me and my friend had wasted more than a month waiting for her as she kept saying we were confirmed for the job. In the end, she stopped all connections and we wasted our time. She did NOT FOLLOW UP AT ALL. Other less well known agencies managed to help us in less than a day.
I really hope that kelly services would do something to improve.


You can expect that none of my friends will ever come to kelly services again.

Nazima Mohd reviewed Kelly Singapore5 star

I joined this company called Business Trends which merged with Kelly Services which was suppposed to give a wider exposure. Kelly Services is where my carrer began…Me and my colleagues were all located at several locations due to Operations functioning in the central, north, east and west. Being in payroll team, we were one of their right hand people who did the timesheets for the candidates and billing of invoices for clients. We had to work hand in hand to have a smooth transistion each week. We had weekly, bi-weekly, monthly payrolls and we had to travel to our branches every tuesday to process the timesheets and to resolve them on the sport with the consultants. I knew Joshua as a candidate doing projects and soon due to his hardwork…he was offered a job at Kelly doing projects. He was always there at orchard / Jurong to welcome me with his fellow colleagues, offerring food, stopping by to chat and ensuring his placements were all done correctly in the system so that payroll is not hindered. In the beginning, he gave me an impression of a stuck up kid as mentioned by some others but I was totally wrong as I get to know him personally. He proved to be a humble, friendly and a young man who wanted to achieve in his life. I could see a fire in him. He was a die hard fan of liverpool. He was married with a kid and was a family man when a lot of youngsters would be having fun at that age. Joshua Woo was unlike them. He would be on the phone making placements even during company events and we must say his bosses were all really there to push him and support him all the way. One of his bosses whom he treated like a brother is Kelvin whom had been a real mentor to him. This is all due to mutual trust and respect which can make someone grow in a company this far to what he is now. I was so proud of him when he donated his hair to charity and still does it. One should be honoured to call this man a friend, a brother and I am glad i am one of them. He is one who keeps on going towards what he is aiming for. Josh, I am so proud of you pal. Keep up your great work.

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