1. This is a true to life video to digest. Welcome to Singapore. Or if you are about to make your way here, come with open eyes. Be friendly, meet people through networks and be full of life. It's hot here – so no use complaining about the humidity.

  2. SHAME on AMERICANS or EUROPEANS to come here. The thugs that run the place do not abide by international law that the rest of the world has agreed to and they and have no regard for laws against Torturing human beings with a penis. This brutality goes on every single week in the prisons where hired paid homosexual perverts tie males to whipping frames and beat, maim and mutilate their buttocks with sticks they call canes for even trivial things like overstaying a visa. Incredibly Disgusting!!This rogue government has no regard either for freedom of it's own citizens and has imprisoned many for just speaking out or writing against them.

    STAY AWAY FROM SINGAPORE! GO ELSEWHERE IN ASIA: Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

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