RACIST COMMENTS in Real Life! (Singapore)

How would you react if you had to read a xenophobic note to a stranger? We did a social experiment to find out.
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Director of Photography – Siwei Chng
Sound Recordist – Lester Koh
Edited by – Terence Chia
Produced by – Siwei Chng & Lester Koh
Exec Produced by – Terence Chia & Haresh Tilani

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33 thoughts on “RACIST COMMENTS in Real Life! (Singapore)”

  1. Ridiculous video. I agree with Anm that there are other groups in Singapore and Asia who face very severe racism. Whites are not the main victims here, not even close. In fact whites enjoy lots of racial privilege. This video could have chosen many different groups as victims; why only whites? Ridiculous and not helpful.

  2. Anm wrote: I think not a good experiment,try replace that Caucasian man with a malay man or indian or bangla worker ,,i really want to find out how all the girls gonna react?

    My personal observations that Singaporeans are deeply unhappy people! I really don't know the complete reason? Maybe "they feel the country is pushed left and right by external forces that it has no control over. Namely, by the US dominance." But in my humble opinion, its more than that, the lack of apparent personal joy & not a hint of basic human spirituality in Singapore is indeed perplexing? Perhaps, the fact that they are pushed left & right by external forces,in which they have no say, suggests is one of the probable causes that does develop social psychosis leading to cultural depression in mass. Singapore seems to me an authoritarian societal matrix which has developed rather strangely. Moreover, clearly a fake democracy like so many other countries, but actually a family dictatorial dynasty.
    I find Singapore a strange,eerie place, sort of like visiting a hospital, which as you know is devoid of much social feeling or joy. Or visiting a Bank which basically Singapore is a bank, there is nothing exciting about visiting a bank is there? Clearly the State Casino is a money laundering operation to laundry PRC and other countries dirty monies, while state authorities look the other way but reap benefits of international crime inter alia.

  3. Till the day humans cease to exist,racism will remain..You can never eradicate it..It's a state of mind..It's not sa disease in which you can simply cure by producing a vaccine..It's just the way of life..You can either choose to be ignorant or be aware of reality and try to be a better human being..

  4. I find it funny how Singaporean racism comes out against foreigners (Westerners, Mainland Chinese, Indian…ect.) If all the foreigners left Singapore becomes a backwater country. Who's gonna build your buildings and MRTs? You're gonna pay locals that same slave wage? Doubt it

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