Student Life: Australia Vs Singapore | ObliviousD

Here is my take on the life of a student in both of these countries. Since it’s that time of year when big exams are rolling in thick and fast. GOOD LUCK TO ALL SITTING THE HSC! And ENJOY!

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25 thoughts on “Student Life: Australia Vs Singapore | ObliviousD”

    Australians only have school for 3 days?! So lucky…
    I'm normally sleeping at 2am on school days but I'm pretty sure that's gonna change next year when I have to prepare for my N Levels lol R.I.P
    Edit: For the whole of November and December it is holiday here but we still have to go back to school haha. And I still have homework (due next year but still) and have to revise for Sec 4… Bye holidays.

  2. I agree with the SG one. Back in my Polytechnic days, 2am still finishing up my reports for my Projects started from Afternoon. I nearly died from Report Writings.

    No idea how it is like to study in Australia but by the way you describe it, looks more simple and relaxed.

    Western Way of Studying vs Asian Way.

  3. Then I have no idea and so stupid from the beginning why did I choose a wrong country studying and surviving difficulties life in SGP !!!!  I wish I can gone for my brighter further degree toward Australia ! Yes, Delvin Thank you so much for advice and sharing this important issue.

  4. I think that you should have put the timetable (in SG) in hours, not days! Everyone knows Mondays-Fridays are school days no? Excluding remedial, supplementary and CCA of course. Great video, watched the Australia vs SG and the other way around. Just earned yourself a subscriber and a likeeeeee for this video 🙂 Jia yous!!

  5. This is how my life goes…
    Australian: Home after school, 2AM, Calling a friend, Weekend, Getting a bad grade, Before exam, 
    Singapore: Timetable, Parents after getting A bad mark

    My life is basically like an Australian.. Sadly, I came to the wrong place. Stress everywhere in Singapore.

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