I speak on Generations in the workplace and in this video I decided to help MIllennials give back by writing LinkedIn recs. In this video I go through the steps to help you write a great and honest LinkedIn rec. Writing a LinkedIn recommendation that is authentic and relevant matters. LinkedIn recommendations should be inspiring , personable, and sincere. Have you notice that some people say cliche’s like,”__________ is a great person.” That seems kind of empty and it feels like they wrote a recommendation so I would reciprocate and write one back. Has that ever happened to you? Please don’t write a recommendation if you can’t be honest, authentic and give specific incidences where the person rocked!

Social Media has created a “Reputation Economy” where what people say about us matters and adds value to our personal brand. If you are going to that the time to write a recommendation also take time and write something that has value.

Karen McCullough is a professional speaker whose topics include Change, Generations, Personal Branding, and Social Media Marketing.
She is a Change Expert, a Social Media Enthusiast, and a Gen Y Evangelist!

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