How to Use Linkedin For Your Job Search

Linkedin Job Search Icon How to Use Linkedin For Your Job Search

An article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan. Author of Job Seekers Power Manual,Financial Success in Recruitment Industry & Recruitment Consultant Winning Formula.

In today’s world, the trend of online recruiting has been attaining a great matter of importance. It is impressive news for the web surfers that almost all companies use the internet to recruit a suitable candidate. It is less expensive as compared to offline recruiting. In the same way, it provides opportunity to search for valuable potential employee around the planet.  Social networking sites play an extensive role in this regard. Of which, LinkedIn is the site which is more popular in the professional world and one hundred and seventy five million professionals are part of it. This is why it is recognized as a notable name to find jobs over the internet. Following are some steps to find the jobs via LinkedIn, which should be adhered if you are new in this professional world.

Create a Profile 

Create a profile with the complete background information including past and current job as well. Accurate contact info and qualification details must be incorporated. In short, it should be complete and organized in all respects.


Now, try to connect with the people you know and invite them. Additionally, seek top company’s recruiters and build networks through new connections.

Recommendations :

It is likely to be one of the most important steps and proper attention should be given to get desired results. Carefully analyze your business contacts and list them. Then, try to find them on LinkedIn.  Your previous employers and colleagues would be a valuable source to expand the network. Once you have built a reasonable network, and then ask friend and employers to recommend you.


It must be a true picture of skills and qualities that you possess. It is edited according to the recruiter’s point of view and includes all the things that are usually required in a particular field. Update it regularly with the addition of new skills and experiences.

Job Search 

Every day various jobs are posted on Linked and you can search them depending upon your skills and field. For instance, if you are specialized in chartered accountancy field, then you need to search those firms and companies which are seeking a Chartered Accountant. In the same way, you can find the hiring managers who are looking for an expert accountant. The job search requires patience as well focused action to get hired by a company. You need to check the updates and search suitable jobs daily.


It is not difficult to apply for a job on LinkedIn. After finding a job that matches your skills and qualification, then apply without any delay. One of the procedures commonly used is forwarding the resume to hiring manager through any of their coworker. This is the best way as manager pays no heed to those resumes, which have not reference. So try to build extensive network that has members from several companies.

Two-way process

Conclusively, we can say that it is a two way process. Members search jobs to get hired as well as managers recruit employees for their company’s operations. So you should focus on two aspects. First, build a unique profile in order to get attention of a hiring manager. Secondly, search and apply for those jobs in which you meet specific criteria. Manage network proficiently that would be beneficial for a better career.

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