Is Singapore expensive, boring, & stressful? (How liveable is SG? Pt 3)

The most common ‘un-liveable’ factors cited about Singapore are : the cost of living, the lack of activities, and the stressfulness of society.But is the situation that bad? We discover what people love about this Little Red Dot.




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31 thoughts on “Is Singapore expensive, boring, & stressful? (How liveable is SG? Pt 3)”

  1. It is propaganda. Afterall, it is SPH Straits Times. The country was so boring and expensive, we literally left. After going out to eat, you will end up repeating the same eateries. That's how boring it is. It's liveable but super crowded. Waiting times at restaurants are long. Super humid and burning hot. Overstressed people. They have no life. It's too small to be of much lifestyle value. Convenient but crowded and expensive is not my thing. It's has literally no nature. No mountains or lakes and rivers or cliffs. Small beach with dirty water at east coast park. Most you see in singapore are poor migrants. Fillipinos, Banglas and burma and chinamen.

  2. To all those who're in denial just because they are well to do. YES, Singapore IS DAMN expensive in relation to the salaries most Singaporeans are being paid!

    Weak unions which are unable to protect workers from rich bosses that are exploiting them and short changing them! Long working hours with no 1.5 rate overtime pay according to the constitution of Singapore. Whose enforcing the labour laws? Please don't tell me it's MOM because they're a COMPLETE JOKE! Wayang here and there to gain public mileage for it's political masters only!

  3. can you stop posting like this shitty lie videos, it is fuckingly expensive, fuckingly lazy and stress place, dont come singapore, it is waste ,waste of time and money, go other countries just like vietnam, if you want explore,business or tourismm

  4. This place can get blown no matter what it is boring it sucks here but this place can get a suck of a dick when ever they want i mean NYC can beat this ugly town full of nasties and this place can get fucked up no matter what this place has dickholes that want to have no fun there and I am glad I was born America because if I was born here I could have blown this place up i mean to many whites that are racist i'm glad I was not born in this shithole sorry people that live then you are boring as hell who can respect this place and why is it call Singapore?"Well more like Boringpoor.

  5. The people who find Singapore boring. Bet you don't even know the country well. Do you know there is a hot spring here, a hidden abandoned istana ard dempsy which belongs to Malaysia still? Life's a journey, go explore!

  6. Born and raised Singaporean. Im 18 this year and unless you have money there really isn't much to do. Movies, Pool, gaming, Hawker centre, occasionally play sports thats about it. However shopping malls are plenty and they all basically sell the same things, so unless you love shopping I suggest tourist spend your money elsewhere. As for the safety aspect its getting less safe by the day. I've been hearing about a lot of molest cases in the recent months. and this might be an isolated incident, my aunty got her pursed snatched in broad daylight at a playground

  7. Avoid this little "red dot" like the plague it is. The evil emperor is dead but the slaves are too cowardly to challenge the family dynasty that has robbed them of their guaranteed freedoms, censored the press, and enslaved an entire society through it's weird indoctrination process. The twisted barbaric laws mandate that males be discriminated against with beatings in the schools, as adults (beaten by hired paid perverted males who are sick homosexuals or sadistic straight males) who may be convicted of even minor infractions including immigration laws, useless compulsory military service (the only armed forces in the world that beats it's conscripts with wooden (canes) sticks, and male gay sex acts are illegal (not lesbian).

  8. As M'sian who spends considerable time in spore every month for business and sometimes leisure, the city has its pros and cons. But, any city, when you spend too much in it, you will be compelled to travel elsewhere to relax, or try new things so, just a more "balanced" view.

  9. STAY AWAY FROM SINGAPORE. The thugs that run the place do not respect Human Rights and continue to commit it's crimes against humanity by allowing perverted paid prison homosexuals to beat and brutalize stripped naked males tied to whipping frames with sticks called canes. With Barbaric draconian laws this is the torture hub of Asia. Shame on Singapore

  10. Singapore is not boring ! They complained about boring cos they themselves are boring :p there's many things to do , places to go ! It's just they do not know :p expensive ??? Not if they make a trip to other parts of this world ! Did they pay 2 euro to go to the public toilet ?? That's expensive ! Stress ?? Cos they do not know how to destress :p 

  11. i love singapore , and i don´t think that singapore is a boring place, there are many things to do here, and i don´t agree that singapore is expensive at all, i think that a city is expensive , when you pay your tax and the service doesn´t work at all , 

  12. hais…. more and more foreigners getting PR status in singapore. We are not competing with just singaporeans. We are competing with the world. many foreigners getting permanant resident citizenship so easily. just have to do business here or invest in something or buy property etc… what i mean is, as long as you have got $$CHING$$, you will get citizenship. Real born singaporeans like me, who studied here, grow up here, work here, for decades, will see the difference. The pressure is all on US! cost of living, inflations etc… ofcus its stressful, expensive, and boring! peace=)

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