I answer your Instagram questions about life in Singapore!

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21 thoughts on “WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE IN SINGAPORE? | Q&A!”

  1. Nothing ever bad happened to me in Singapore and nothing ever good happened either. The place has a parental feel to it and yes like most major countries there are good and bad, exciting and boring parts to it. It's a place you visit, not live.

  2. Temple hopping is also fun. Besides Christian Churches, we have Chinese Buddhist temple, Myanmar Buddhist temple, Taoist Temples, falongong temple, Hindu Temples, Chinese clan. Did I mention that synagogue is less than 600m from a mosque?

  3. Me and my husband are trying to move to singapore, its been a nightmare trying to find him a job in youth theatre. I send his CV out to companies 10x a day. Anyway the question is is it better to move to Singapore and get a job that way or secure a job first?

    I love all you singapore vlogs i learn so much :)

  4. i moved here in july and i think its pretty cool lol. i actually think its not too expensive to cook at home depending on where you shop (like if you're buying from cold storage, i can see why, but there's a Giant and a wet market nearby which are cheap) but its also cheap to eat out too, even the mall food courts are pretty cheap
    the only thing I'm trying to figure out is making friends lol…

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