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  1. What if you have had a few months of acting classes but don't do acting classes anymore? Would you leave it blank or would you put it under training? Also, I have done a few dancing recitals/choir performances would that count as theater? Thanks!

  2. im new to your account so im not sure if you've mentioned it in past videos, but have you acted in a commercial or show or movie before? my dream since i was little to act but my parents dont think im serious about it. Also there aren't many auditions held in SD that i know of…

  3. I just got into acting and theatre recently and your videos help so much, especially since I have no one to go to for help with things like this! thank you for making these!!
    p.s, you look a lot like Belle from once upon a time

  4. I bought a book that a casting director wrote and I notice that a lot of times you tend to tell people to give their age.. Well in the book it said you shouldn't give your exact age, and if you do give an age range of ages you could portray. And when you go into an acting room slate in character and she said that directors and all aren't supposed to ask you your age so if they do tell them the age of the character you are auditioning for and stay in character..

    Example : if your 17 auditioning for a role of a 15 year old girl and they ask the age .. Stay in character and tell them your 15

    And your resume shouldn't have your age on it or if it did have a range like 15-20

  5. Hi, thank you very much for making this video! I do have one question though, I am in 7th grade and I play the clarinet. Must I be advanced in the clarinet to put it on my resume or can the skills I have already be good enough? I can play basic and intermediate songs with some practice. I know about 60-70% of the clarinet notes and am learning more very fast. Thanks again for the videos <3

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