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A graphic resume is a great way to help you stand out in a generic stack. In this video, Zimri Mayfield teaches you how to color your resume with personality using Adobe Illustrator and the Adobe Capture app, to make your experience and accomplishments pop. Adobe Capture finds colors in the physical world around you to create original color palettes for your Creative Cloud projects.

Download Zimri’s Graphic Resume template here: http://adobe.ly/1PXHEuw

Download Adobe Capture for your iPhone or Android by visiting http://adobe.ly/24ChLqt

Download your FREE trial of Creative Cloud – no credit card needed! http://adobe.ly/21aoenX





  1. WreckItGamingTV

    Hi great video, can you please help me with something? I had bought the Untop v4 Rig, and was wondering how would I save a rigs pose, so I won't have to restart when using a new skin or something like that?

  2. Crazy Funny Cats

    David bowie had different colored eyes

    Think it was from a head inury cause a pupil as larger than the other

    Dude i need help processing raw photos

    Is adobe the best? Silkpix has lots of dislikes

    Visit my channel please

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