Resume Writing Tips – The Secret Mindset For Writing a Perfect Resume

Resume Writing Tips – This one shift in thinking will have you writing resumes in the top 1% of the candidate pool. Find your dream job by understanding the psychology of the person hiring you.

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37 thoughts on “Resume Writing Tips – The Secret Mindset For Writing a Perfect Resume”

  1. Hey leo, I have a question for you. Is this information for general employment? Can it be used anywhere? the reason I'm asking is because what if the employer is behind in this new way of thinking and writing my resume. what if he's old school. Would he like this better?

  2. There are a lot of things I sooo disagree with on this. I do think "action words" and "industry jargon words" are overdone, overused, and frequently make the "what" confusing… but you do need to highlight accomplishments where possible (and you'd be surprised at what can set you apart from the crowd – even at the entry level).

    I very very very much completely disagree with telling employers you are hard working, friendly, personable, punctual, reliable, etc etc etc. Until I actually see somebody state "I'm a lazy SOB who won't work, misses the first two days after every payday, and has a lousy attitude (I was fired from my last two jobs because I threatened my boss), telling employers that you are all this things is fluff, pointless, and takes up important space.

    If, however, you can state something to the effect of (and this is entry level only – by the time you've been in the market awhile you should have more to sell you) "Two sick days taken in the past 2 years of my career" or "received compliments from the CEO of major national corporation for my professionalism and phone manners" or "Upon receiving my resignation from x position, my employer offered to transfer me to x department and train me to do x activity because he appreciated my solid work ethic", then put them in. These items state that you are hard working, professional, and reliable in a way that is believable… and not the usual "I'm friendly, reliable, and hard working" claptrap so many resumes contain.

  3. He could use a good writer, and brevity is the soul of wit. What was said in this video about a shopping cart for a website could have been said in ten seconds. I have no idea how long the narrator continued to talk about the shopping cart, I got bored with him and decided to write this to tell him…he needs a writer.

  4. You lost me at 6:30… assuming that your potential employee is a 'he' is a big part of the problem with the tech industry. I realise that the majority are male but this sort of language doesn't help improve the gender imbalance or encourage females looking to enter the IT industry.

  5. I'm a fashion student and haven't worked at all before. Im writing my resume now but i dont know what to write for my skills because it's all fashion based and i mostly apply in stores that have nothing to do with fashion can you please helpppppppp???

  6. Currently writing a resume and would like your help. I'm 37 years old and when I was 18 to 23 I worked for a fortune 500 company all the way up to becoming a manager. Took another job in a different state and then my wife and I found out we were having a child. We moved back a little less than a year after we had moved to be near the family. From then I worked as a professional waiter for 5 years to have more time with the family. I left that to play poker for a living for several years. In between a period of about 7 years doing this I took a car sales job for a year. Then when back to poker after a year Since coming back to regular work I have been a waiter again for over 5 years and I recently gained a bachelors degree that I want to use. I know that poker may not sound good to an employer and have no idea how to explain this large gap in order to touch on my solid experience from the time when I was younger. Sorry for the long post, just need a little help. I appreciate anything you can give me.

  7. Actually hiring the generalist for the shopping cart example would be a much smarter move. Building a shopping cart is an easy task for a smart programmer who understands databases and security and once he has accomplished this task he will be able to solve a hundred of other sort of problems. Someone who has implemented 100 shopping carts might just be a web developer who only understands PHP and the hardest thing he can solve is creating a web shopping cart.

  8. Hey thanks Leo, Thanks you making that very clear, I'm having problems writing my resume but thinking about it from the point of view of the employer make its a lot easier. I'm looking for a job in the restaurant and hotel industry. I also play drums and study fitness and personal training. Ive been out of work for a few months now and am really tring to make a solid step into a new career. But the biggest thing blocking me is, at times I am unsure of myself and st times I am unsure of how to stand up for myself with out coming off as being destructive, quit confidence. Thank You, Big V

  9. Resume has to have a meaningful and has to be currently  to be communicate if  nessary for example current address and current telephone number ??and no body can get it and no firm can inform us  about the change of the company or industry and offices. why we care putting address of old company that we work and telephone number as well where their telephone numberis not curretly used in the market or office..

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