Art Marketing Q&A – Tips for artists w/ Lachri

Today I’m answering 4 questions about marketing your art, getting more followers on social media and youtube, taking commissions and selling art in galleries vs online.


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Time lapse and speed painting tutorials and demonstrations by award winning artist Lachri. Learn how to paint portraits, surreal landscapes, pets, lions, tigers, and birds…pretty sure a Wizard of OZ reference should be made right about now. Get tips and watch techniques for working in acrylic and oil paint, carbon pencil, graphite and colored pencil.

This video was shot using the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD camcorder.




13 thoughts on “Art Marketing Q&A – Tips for artists w/ Lachri”

  1. Hello, I recently shared your video in my monthly colored pencil tutorial favorites for December. You can read the blog post at I highlighted 41 other colored pencil videos as well that were also published in December. You can view the YouTube playlist at Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork and helping other artists excel in the craft. Sincerely, Melissa from Colored Pencil Enthusiast

  2. When you were saying that you couldn't ship larger paintings, could you put up posters up in some areas around you, and if someone buys it, then you just drive over with the painting for them? (I don't sell art, but I was curious ;D)
    Thanks Lisa, also this video was really useful to me 🙂

  3. I recommend to check out the "Service design methods" and different service design tools like how to create different character profiles and personas. That first question and your answer is just the thing we use in service design when trying to figure out the customer base, how do they operate, what are the challenges and expectations when using some service. These tools can also be exploit when figuring out different art customer personas and how to approach your target market.

  4. I'm still a beginner in the art industry but I found that my target audience is based off my own interests that inspire my work.

    Ex. If you like drawing cars then your target audience should be people who like cars. So associate yourself with the car scene, promote your car art there and there you go. Easier said than done but hope that helps anyone.

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