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12 thoughts on “Best Real Estate Lead Conversion & Marketing Strategy (& the laziest) :-)”

  1. I agree with staying in contact by email with your leads, however, leads are just leads, NOT, clients who are loyal to you. One to many times Ive had my "leads" call the listing agent after I've sent them a property list. So, I no longer sent lists of properties to leads, I send them content rich information about how and what to do when buying a home ect…Over 90% of home buyers know where to look online for homes, they dont need a list. What I do is show them how useful i can be by sending them information they can actually use.

  2. @LaSheaMiller I would say best practice is the best buy whether it's yours or someone else's Remembering it's about serving your potential client. To the 2nd question the answer is unquestionably yes. Of course schedule a showing ahead of time. Great questions, thanks!

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