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I define Facebook Organic marketing as managing a client’s Facebook posts. It should also include boosting posts, and you may also extend to pay-per-click ads (although FB PPC is strictly a different channel).

A lot of businesses and brands have jumped on social media, thinking “We must have a social strategy!” when really there’s no strategy at all. Social media is one of the most commonly misunderstood and misused channels.

So, Facebook may be good for you if:

→You have frequently-changing offers or availability
→You have a frequent turnover of stock
→You generate content that’s fun, quirky, or interesting.





  1. Great video! But i think that you could be more specific about the topic how to use facebook as a marketingtool. i mean you are using about 20 minutes on just explaining the facebook, and what people on facebook do, we kind of already know that. The last 15-20 min. of the video was great, and contained more about the topic of what to do, when marketing on facebook.

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