How to Create the Optimal Content Marketing Strategy

Mark Fidelman interviews Mark Schaefer on Content Marketing Strategy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. What Should People Know About Content Marketing Today?
2. Do You Have Any New Content Marketing Distribution Strategies that Can Be Deployed Broadly?
3. Do You Have a Marketing or Social Hack That Is Related to Content Marketing?

One of the big reasons that many brands are suffering from “content shock” is that so much content today looks exactly the same. It seems to be a bit lazy and uninspired because of this.

Through this realization, Mark found inspiration in an unlikely place; Taco Bell. The fast food chain only utilizes approximately 14 ingredients, yet every month the company comes out with a new concoction. The point made here is that marketers have many ingredients at their disposal, but are not using them in creative or innovative ways

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8 thoughts on “How to Create the Optimal Content Marketing Strategy”

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  2. I've read the book and really thought it brought new perspectives on things. Moreover, this interview gave me an even more holistic perspective I think I lost a little bit when I read the book, since I took my time – focusing on, and re-reading each chapter a couple of times. Or to be honest I'm not even completely done with it yet!

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