OC Photo Summit 2014: Marketing, Branding, and Selling You with Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star joins us at the OC Photo Summit 2014 at Saddleback Church. Jasmine’s rise to photographic prominence is anything but ordinary. With little-to-no money, Jasmine left UCLA Law School and followed her photographic passion. Without even previously owning a camera, she was able to pursue photography and become one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the United States, all of this through a homespun internet-based education. Watch how this amateur—without formal photographic education, or connections became a highly regarded, award winning photographer in a few short years. Jasmine outlines how to take what you have (regardless of how little it might seem) and create a bourgeoning business. Learn more about Jasmine at www.jasminestar.com.

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37 thoughts on “OC Photo Summit 2014: Marketing, Branding, and Selling You with Jasmine Star”

  1. Hello Jasmine you are potential person to manage all kind of environment to exhibit your talents. You have extra ordinary experience in media field. You love too much on your family members equally with others. I enjoyed by looking at your videos really. Wish you all the best to succeed for ever. Regards, Dr.Sena

  2. I just love you!!! super impressed with every thing you said. I just bought a prosummer type camera (Nikon) 🙂 last October, but I have alway love freezing time, creating memories, and love when people start by saying "oh  i remember that" while looking through old photos. I love the fact that you are bold about your faith. I have no doubt that I will keep you in my favorites and will subscribe to your channel and start learning form you. thank you so much. Amen!!

  3. Thank you Jasmine for letting me know that I need to K.I.R! Love your passion for photography that you share with the world. You have shared how when you first started out not knowing what you where doing and you put hard work, your heart and sole and Jasmine Star into your photography and now you can show that it has payed off. Thank you for helping me not to give up.  

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