Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

The definitive documentary on psychotropic drugging—this is the story of the high-income partnership between drug companies and psychiatry which has created an $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs to an unsuspecting public.
But appearances are deceiving.
How valid are psychiatrist’s diagnoses—and how safe are their drugs?
Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal a dangerous and often deadly sales campaign.




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  1. Out of the thousands of guys I'v seen here at Set Free Discipleship many of them have psychiatric problems. We encourage them to get off of or stop their meds. We also require them to participate in Bible-based functions every day. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Acceptance and commitment are key to the gospel.

  2. I might add, as a person who had the tag "schizoid" laid on him when he quit high school "for no reason," it can be said that the schism referred to in the term "schizoid" may indicate simply that the "break" has occurred between the individual and some normality such as public schooling. No one in my family wanted to look at the questions I felt I had the right to ask. It would have meant questioning THE SYSTEM of education, which was part of much larger and more powerful systems within systems. Nowadays, several decades later, the questioning of just about damn near everything is growing, and more power to this, say I. So on the little pills I the rebellious teen was put. After gaining 90 pounds in less than a year, and working a series of dead-end, minimum wage job, I was welcomed back into the high school system. That was the year of the Kennedy assassination. I noticed it, my mother crying in front of the TV. No one knew what disease I had, but now I can see that it must have been QAS – Questioning Authorities Syndrome. Glad to know the billions and billions and billions of pharma profits keep rolling in.

  3. Much of this may be true. HOWEVER, the statement that Dr. Wayne O. Evans (aka my father) was a prominent psychiatrist is factually wrong. He had a Ph.D. in psychology (as do I), with a focus on psychopharmacology. He was also a major in the U.S. Army when he attended the conference in PR. Yes, he and Nathan Kline wrote a book about drugs in the year 2000, but it was highly speculative (I helped proof-read it as a teen, and I own a copy). For much of his career, my father was looking for an non-addictive analgesic that could be used to help our troops. If he had known about kratom, he would have been all for it. He supported my interest in herbalism and would have protected our right to have such a gift. And if anyone wants to look at a copy of the cited book, I freely offer it to show how much was just speculation and how wrong they were. The statement of his from the conference is out of context, as well. At home, he expressed irritation with drug therapy and people's reliance on it. I was there; the producers of the video were not.

  4. "Salvation is of Jehovah." (Jonah 2:9) You know, not every evil spirit that man has had has been from Satan. King Saul had an evil spirit from Jehovah: "But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him." (I Samuel 16:14) God is good. King Saul though was not, he disobeyed God and stepped over and out of his authority, and, the above verse above about him describes what God did to him. May nobody who reads this ever have happen what happened to Saul. Thankfully though, David was raised up by God and anointed, and, he played nice peaceful harp music for Saul and Saul was comforted at times.

  5. I was forced to take Ritalin from 7-17 along with a lot of other medications. I just found out I have a seizure disorder called Complex Partial Seizures. This is due to brain injury. It is hard to say if this was from an accident when I was four, from parental abuse or psych meds.

  6. So, 2/3rds of all psycho drugs taken by women … well, that explains a lot today doesn't it. The remaining 1/3 is "millennials" and their single parent kids.Pathetic bitches taking drugs while pregnant … no wonder kids are so brain dead today.

  7. In the midst of thinking out what I have just written and am so frustrated to be held to thoughts I was yet to edit,. Isn't it funny how often one sees the need to disengage with technology as it will and more so will not only effectively monitor and manipulate ones pre edited voice, we no longer live in a world in which we can feel a sense of comfort. I must say that if I let my mind recline back to my early childhood when my great grandmother from Scotland, I've never met a person who has been exposed to so much hardships, yet she died at her typewriter at the age of 78. Yes, she was a tough gal but all of that aside I'm most positive that she would have passed herself with laughter knowing that this was how, not only her grandchildren, but all future children would be labeled by these con men. I honestly believe that she would have more faith in the mafia, for at least they ruin the lives of they're own kind but these bastards are in bead with the eugenicists.

  8. I'm so amazed that an industry that makes nothing but $$$ has been taken so serious. Do your own research and you'll find a chilling and truly
    insane and perhaps laughable con job which was initially used by Sigmund Freud's Edward whom most likely made his uncle spin on his grave of it weren't for the fact that nobody today would even know The name Freud outside of his nephew Eddies P R management of Sig,und. During the financial collapse of the Hapsburg inbreed empire Sigmund was feared and for good reasons if you were of the ruling class. Personally.i Feel that Sigmund was an interesting thinker bit not much more than Nietzshe whom were both, perhaps brilliant but extremely flawed intellectually

  9. with procedure '' dulcineea '' you make deliberatly psihiatrist crazy and commit suicide all of them , they will deny this just for lilyes to make money and them . aplied this to theyr child all of them …. if they know the procedure they knowed this before , they all the time denied thids deliberatly , to make this deliberatly use a star of Holly wood

  10. Mainstream Psychiatry is a congame fraud heavily based on propaganda and
    coercion. The DSM-3 made billable to Insurance descriptive category
    names of deviance from normalcy. Selecting into named and numbered (and
    billable) categories by a clinician as diagnosis. Non-Medical naming by
    an authority. The DSM doesn't have any statistics in it. That just
    sounds good for hype'ss sake. The DSM is called a nosology. A naming
    system. In their propaganda hype the DSM-3 (thrpough 5) is supposed to
    be Scientific like Linnaeus with his taxonomy. It was early on in the
    Technology and Science game so Linnaean Taxonomy based on objective
    rational Western thoughtful observation and study of available knowledge
    was very Scientific.

    With their small handful of outdated, crude, non-curative,
    symptom-suppressing, not addressing any underlying problem or lesion,
    toxic, chemically imbalance inducing, patented trademarked lucrative
    centrally acting brain-drugging chemicals these pharmakeia force on our
    children, infants, foreigners such as Indians given Prozac because they
    are "depressed" once international corporations have destroyed their
    living, elders, children in foster care, prisoners, activists, and
    pregnant women.

    The opposite of their label, defame, drug, drug, drug, electric shock
    the head, cut the brain "Medical" "Psychiatry" isn't to say that there
    is nothing Medically wrong with anyone and call it everyday problems,
    Everything is Psychosocial, These people are Medically normal.

    >> How do we know they are Medically normal. They have been in the
    hands of quacks, USA rediculous hack "Psychiatrists" (who routinely
    non_medically label people psychologically/behaviorally as belonging in a
    descriptive category, and then blythy proceed to drug them with 5 toxic
    patented tradenamed nostrums.

    Since they and their Profession represent nothing more than fraud and
    crime against Humanity – then saying that people only need psychotherapy
    and are just living life shows no rational logic.

    Dan Burdick – Psychiatric Strait Racket

  11. Dr Dreyer at Park Royal CNWL lies to police to try to set up patients who make a complaint about him. He abuses his power in everyway possible to destroy patients lives, a real evil twisted psycho. Even lies to child services to make patients have their children placed in foster homes. Driving patients to suicide is a sick game to him.

  12. You guys know that Psychiatrists are medical doctors right? So these pseudoscience claims are null and void. They are perpetual, critical thinkers dedicating careers and life works to improving the medical understanding of the human brain, not watching youtube vids designed to shape opinions of only one colour. Vids with super qualified non medicos like Richard the "Psychologue Hospitalier". Fuck off Richard, don't be angry at the world because your own qualification is worthless.
    If you watch a doco that is entirely committed to telling you that the colour green is an evil colour… 3 hours in, its probably not your favourite colour anymore. Psych 101. and fuck you green!!!

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