The Million Dollar Marketer: How You Can Use Marketing To Make Big Bucks

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People tell me they have an incredible idea all the time.

The next best thing or the next best app and most of the time I’m not sold because of how they’re presenting their product.

Persuasion is the biggest predictor of your success.

The ability to show people your perspective is important whether you want to make a million dollars, improve socially, or get a promotion at your job.

Charlie Munger talks about the 25 cognitive biases that dictate how people make decisions. You can use these 25 cognitive biases in your favor.

Here are just two…

1. Association or Likability Bias.

60% of what makes people decide is not what you think or say, it’s about how people perceive you.

What’s the other 40%?

30% is the process you use – the order that you present things. This is the strategy part.
10% is what you’re actually selling, which makes up a minor part of how people decide. 

2. The story in people’s heads

All humans are like a movie theater and they are projecting a movie in their minds. It’s their perception of life.

To move people and actually convince them is difficult and takes a lot much money.

You must market your vision to the story that’s already playing in people’s heads. It’s important to find people with a story that’s aligned with what you do.  

I don’t have the time to go over all 25 cognitive bias right now, but you can always catch the replay.




38 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Marketer: How You Can Use Marketing To Make Big Bucks”

  1. Well the perception people or strangers I should say always have of me when I'm in a store when I'm at work is they think I work there or the manager or the owner & they always come to me for help or ask if I'm the owner. Lol Weird huh? What is it?

  2. How can I find good books, I'm 12 years old and i want to learn like: How to learn coding, How to make more money when I'm older, etc. I want to be a coder when older ( Video game designer ) And I want this information now and not like when I'm like 30 years old.

  3. Fk i saw this after the live talk, all this is great, and it also helps a lot to comunicate at personal level, to comprehend the perception of others, the fact that he doesnt encourage manipulation is admirable, and that part were he take us through to see that succeding at providing a good product is good for the costumer is effing great.

  4. I see alot of young people commenting which is good to see. Iam sure Tai is a great guy just please do NOT send these guys money if ever asked. by all means listen if it's free. if you read the likes of Norman Vincent Peale, og mandino, stephan covey. the originals like Greatest salesman in the world, think and grow rich you know the ones…. it will give you the foundation you need to achieve anything. stay away from tv and the news as its garbage. Garbage in equals garbage out so read the originals like mentioned above you will do great. everything else starts from these writers. enjoy life.

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